Zappl Inc Share Sale.

Buying shares in Zappl Inc:

We'll be selling 10% to 20% shares in the company to get the proper funds for account creations and more. Zappl Inc will be showing its business plan privately if you're interested you will be required to sign a "Business Plan Non Disclosure Agreement".

Due to legal restrictions we cant offer shares in the company at this time to anyone that is not a U.S. Citizen. As for the requirements for U.S. citizens they will be shared at the bottom of the business plan.

Also this offer will be restricted to only 100 people.

Statement to Zappl dex coin holders:

This share sale is not to be confused with Dex coins, the Dex coins that are currently being held are considered a loan. So they do not pay out dividends and are not considered shares in the company. Zappl will continue with the plan we laid out for the Dex coins and gradually the buy back will still go forward.

We felt it was best to clarify this before hand so people don't get confused. But on a side note there is a chance of a share drop which were currently figuring out the legal side of things. We think when we go public C corp company we should be able to do a share drop for the Dex coins that are being held. Currently under review we will provide future updates on this topic.

Its recommended that you join our discord channel to find out more.
We'll then add you to a special group and a special room for people interested.

Zappl Share sale will happen Monday, July 24th 2017
It will go on until the shares are all sold or end the day zappl starts.

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