Soursop. Many benefits for health

Aceh is a tropical region. Many types of plants can grow easily here because our place is so fertile, therefore the land of Aceh is also known as the land of heaven. In addition to fruit there are also several types of medicinal plants that grow in our place, such as nutmeg, cloves and many others. One of the many types of plants there is soursop. this plant is very much in our place. Almost every home page in the countryside grows soursop plants


fruits that taste sweet and slightly sour is very much in the enjoyment of our community and probably in other areas.
This fruit is also widely sold in the fruit market. this fruit is also very delicious to be used as a juice and in the direct enjoy.
in our place the price of soursop fruit is relatively cheap because it is very easy to get it. Did you know, it turns soursop fruit also has many benefits for health

Soursop is very good for health

  • can boost the immune system
  • can reduce the risk of heart attack
  • very good for digestion
  • fight cancer. vitamin C content of soursop fruit. very good for people with cancer
  • Good for diabetics, sugar levels in soursop fruit is not excessive. If consumed directly without processing or mixing sugar or other
  • can help the process of metabolism in the body. and many other benefits of soursop fruit

the benefits of soursop fruit you can get by eating soursop fruit or drink soursop juice every day and do not use sugar or other ingredients.

Soursop plants found in Asia, Africa and America are known to be very rich in some compounds, such as protein, fat, calcium, fructose, vitamin A, B. It is good to fight cancer cells and has been used in rural communities long ago, and up to this time. many herbal health products that already use soursop leaf content to treat cancer

soursop leaves have a pungent odor. as for the other benefits of soursop leaves can comb the pests and insects

hopefully this article useful and maybe for those of you who care about health to try to consume soursop fruit

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