Is Native English Really Meaningful Around Here?

I mean... I guess it makes sense if you consider why I (as a native US person -- wouldn't say the dirty citizen word) are on here -- which is to meet people from Russia.

I can't stand this bullshit about Russia being a boogey-man.

But I'm also not here to kiss your butts. I can see that there are some really smart Russians as well as people from many other backgrounds all on GOLOS but I'm still totally new here.

To be completely honest, I still feel like I'm betraying Steemit while I'm here but I also believe there is tremendous opportunity here on this site.

I guess my concern is about the language barrier and communication.

So, I'm going to try and work on that. I'm going to keep on posting here and I'm really looking to try and strike up some conversations about anything at all -- something substantive though.

I'd love to start by talking about my theory that our two countries leadership have an agreement to make the other country a boogey-man in an effort to create fear which is an upstream enabler of control.

Any thoughts?

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