Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project.EON is a gaming platform created on the basis of Blockchain technology. Not a new idea. The first game on the blockchain was created in 2014. There is also a huge competition in the field of blockchain startups, and, most importantly, large corporations such as Apple, Blizard, Ubisoft and even Facebook.

The game industry is a sector with revenues of about $ 116 billion last year. Users can choose the game to your taste. You can" engage " in almost any sport, solve logic puzzles, build houses or empires, fight, fight and much more. Accordingly, the market is growing and developing every year. One of the problems of talented developers-newcomers was that it is difficult to promote your product, the costs of a marketing company can reach half of their potential income. In this regard, the cost of games is growing. Those who are at least a little familiar with computer games, knows that any game worth playing on a Sony, PC or mobile phone costs money. A good game can be very expensive and not available to any user. It turns out that the games industry has long monopolizirovany large corporations....

The EON project offers a solution to the above problems and will create a positive microclimate for the creators during the launch of their projects. Blockchain technology is used very widely. From online shopping, travel planning to Dapps development and more. Blockchain plans to be used in the health sector, as well as government agencies in the near future. Data storage, scalability and confidential data storage have allowed him to earn such trust.

As we said before, the first game was created in 2014. With the advent of the Ethereum platform and smart contracts, game development was able to accelerate. All the games that came out on the blockchain 1.0 - were too simple for sophisticated users. The second-generation blockchain gave the world a line of CryptoAlpaca games from EON Foundation. Then the project team was created, they realized that the further development of the game industry requires a decentralized platform.

The main advantages of the EON platform

The platform will carry cool games to the masses. The best games created by large companies are very expensive, as the cost of marketing the company, and the "desires" of the companies themselves are very high. The project offers games at affordable prices for ordinary users.

A decentralized platform on the blockchain will give the gaming industry an impetus for further development, attracting new gamers and increasing the market's non-small revenues.

Interaction with the creators of gamers games. Developers will no longer spend their time and money on advertising products. They will have time to get feedback from their customers. The platform will provide tools for their interaction.

Communities and partnerships ( the project partners have made advertising of the project and thanks to this already attracted > 5 million potential gamers).

A team of qualified experts in the field of games, blockchain, computer technology, etc.

Advisers of the project – experts in the gaming industry.

Smart search games, meets the requirements geymerov.

The system of coins of the platform. The core of the platform was the EON coins. Absolutely all financial mutual gamers-developers will be based on them. Fast, safe and transparent operations.

ICO and cryptocurrency projects

The developers have implemented their own token on the platform - its name is EON token. On the platform there is a system of remuneration of the members of the platform's early users in the reward of extra coins platform.

Total production of 2.1 billion coins. For sale offered 30% - 630 million coins. For bounty allocated 20 million coins.

Opinion on the draft

EON Network has 200 000 users from all over the world. The EON project will reduce the cost of hosting games developed on their site on special platforms. The project also attracted such famous partners as Zynga, Facebook and USC GamePipe Lab, with experience in implementing cool games and attracting a large number of participants to 1 platform. The project already has the first blockchain game CryptoAlpaca to support their EON coins.


Аuthor: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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