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EONan Internet platform that will allow you to post, use and promote game content. The market for games in 2017 reached about 116 billion US dollars in the opinion of a number of analysts, and growth trends are preserved for the near future.



Google Play, AppStore and other platforms have won the market for games and applications. But, as elsewhere, such systems are not perfect, their nuances. For example, the games on these platforms have some difficulties with the storage of content and user data, there is a risk of data loss - when reinstalling gaming applications. In addition, the mentioned platforms keep from the developers of the game content the corresponding commission payments, sometimes reaching up to 50% of the flat price. Agree, these factors entail only an increase in the price of game content, many users refuse to use a particular game because of the high price for its installation, use and content. It's worth mentioning again that the proper reliability and quality of the game content use is not ensured, the user data is saved. The essence of such platforms is to quickly and, as possible, more expensive to implement content to the user, to take their commission. Initially, the system is not focused on optimizing prices, raising standards of security of use and quality of content. This business position has led to the fact that these resources are spreading obscure products, customers' expectations are often not justified, users are afraid to buy what they offer. Yes, the mentioned platforms are simply huge and have big turns, but problems of their use and functioning are visible already now.


The EON platform solves these issues. Already, the platform brings together about 1000 developers of game content, 200,000 users, from more than 100 countries. It is fully based and operates on the basis of Ethereum, the blocking technology in its pure form. That's why a fundamentally good solution is to store user data and the system's operation completely in the block. Game content can be used with both Internet access and offline, but thanks to a well-thought-out security system, the platform will save user data in the chain of blocking and, if necessary, will provide an opportunity to recover lost data on the device.


A very important aspect of the EON platform is that the platform does not take any commission payments and other hidden fees, both from developers and users. Yes it's true. In fact, the user makes a direct payment for the game content or gaming accessories, which, undoubtedly, will result in optimization of prices and increase of the developers' income. Developers will be able to directly deliver the generated game content directly to users, without the need for additional intermediaries and costs.
EON, thanks to the technical architecture based on CryptoAlpaca, provides its developers with unprecedented opportunities to create game content that will allow it to be used on virtually all technical resources ... from smartphones to a plasma TV ...
An important factor in the activity of the platform is that there really was not enough of such a resource, the demand for services among developers and users is simply off scale. That is why, EON creates ideal competitive conditions, solves a whole range of issues and problems in this industry.
The platform combines the following elements:

  • referral system;
  • system of promotion and use of game content;
  • gaming community - social network;
  • system for developers.

Use of game content, purchase of accessories in EON will be carried out on the basis of internal crypto currency. Crypto currency has the same name as the platform - EON ...
EON, through a number of internal mechanisms, will allow its users and developers, due to activity on the network, to receive remuneration in the internal token. A kind of encouragement to social activity. Those. developers will be able to receive a reward for preparing reviews, shooting streams on games, etc.

The proper level of security is provided through smart contracts and a well-designed security system.

Token and ICO

The total emission of EON tokens amounts to 2.1 billion. Free trade receives about 30% of this volume. Start ICO - June 25, 2018 The nominal rate is set in such a volume 1 ETH = 21,000 EON. Or in US dollars 1 EON = 0.02 USD. The Token is already integrated with the platform and will soon be actively used in the domestic EON market.

Team and partners


The platform is created and implemented by the EON Foundation - a structure that operates in the US, China and Singapore. Considering the fact that EON already functions and is actively used, the team conducted a high professional team. The team includes about 6 employees, headed by Aron Liu, a graduate of Stanford University, IT specialists and crypto-currencies.
Platform partners are USC Games, The White house, Zynga, FBG Capital.
Information partners - Business Insider, Yahoo, Forbes, VentureBeat.

Website: http://eontoken.io
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/yuhe5nc
Telegram: https://t.me/eontoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EonToken
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/eontoken


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