FST Network

The FST Network world's first system that makes service modules with industrial sector engineering thinking, helping firms to rapidly and slowly developed grounded apps and services without the need to block tech developers.

• Faster - Enterprise can rapidly assemble modules to make solid block-chain apps. Via the exclusive on-chain optimization protocols (relay networks), the block apps can perform super with accelerated confirmation by growing tons of times in deal throughput.

• Smarter - Enterprise doesn't require block engineers to make apps. Via assembling a range of unique models with smooth logics like playing LEGOS and the replacement of modules can remarkably eliminate the hard amount of block-chain development.

• Trust worthier - the FST Network solves the development iteration issues with versatile and reliable modules, letting enterprises to change modules at some time. The FST Network focusing on-chain tech applying, which is compatible with any other off-chain explanations.

Block-chain Module

The largest feature of FST Network is to inductively deconstruct complex block tech to diverse and the secure modules, only like block factory, that remarkably eliminates the technological know-how and developments expense. At the similar time, modular block emphasizes in offering enterprises with top flexibility, diversity, and scalability, making it simple to make many apps, and end consumers can joy better apps and services.

With three unique exclusive protocols and two key standards and enterprises can rapidly achieve TOKENIZATION, D-App development, data exchange and even cross chain link via assembling modules. The FST Network allows the enterprise to focus on business modules and allow block apps with safe and stable technological support.

Layer Three block-chain

If the block is a tech that all needs, FST Network will lead all to leap to a new web era. In order to let people to use block tech without frequent contact with hard and unintelligible underlying techs, the market needs a 3rd party layer as a link that links businesses apps with underlying layer tech, allowing all who contributes in block system not to feel the pressure of block, but can joy the advantages of block.

The FST Network develops a three later architecture on the peak of many protocols, complements the underlying layer tech with the help of modules. Regardless of the underlying chain protocols in ETH, RSK or EOS, or Side chain and accelerated services of layer two techs, FST Network is compatible with diff protocols, help diverse business needs, accelerate the app of block tech and eventually access a new era of evolution.


Module Kits

• Traditional development ecosystems can be integrated with Block through APIs and SDKs to hold business requirements.
• Give a lot of app modules for enterprises’ selection.
• They have successfully applied grounded modules on ETH and supported client D-App development. They'll continue to issue diverse modules to drive more apps.


• It's a solution for enterprises to create Decentralized data exchanges.
• Clients can rapidly create a decentralized cross-chain token (detail) exchange with competence and top-level security via assembling numerous modules and exclusive protocols. (matching Network, Relay Network, Order- Cross-chain settlement).


• Enterprise-ready Block growth solution for huge-scale projects
• ENSO can benefit great projects (e.g. Industry 4.0, IOT, Supply Chain, Smart City) by assembling a variety of practical modules and setting-up customized underlying protocols and consensus instrument.


• It is the wallet and decentralized based tokenization platform.
• Customers can manage and issue tokens (e.g. airdrops and promotion) via CRM tools on this system without any programming.
• More modules will be set in place and wide to other public chain systems (e.g. RSK, EOS) to give more features and achieve a perfect Block-chain-free expansion environment.

More info:

website - https://www.fst.network/
ANN - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top...
twitter - https://twitter.com/FSTNetworkTW
facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FSTNetworkOf...
whitepaper - https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/e34917...
telegram - http://bit.ly/FSTNetwork

Bitcointalk Profil:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1154957
ETH Address:0xd9dAb605feF035659dfbd4238508988297AE4e51

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