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Blockchain technology develops very fast. Many businesses and firms implement it. People have to adapt to cryptocurrencies, learn more about this field of technology. There are many platforms where they invest, earn, do many transactions. Right now we will talk about Eristica.
Eristica is a P2P platform for challenges. Challenges are proved with videos.
Viral content is with smart contracts on Ethereum network with ERC 20 compatible tokens which guarantee fair plays and transparency. Each player can challenge anyone who participates and then he will have to complete your challenge if he wants to progress. Founders of project Eristica created unique FunTech video platform for challenges with more than 1.2 million of user base.

  Tokens are called ERT tokens, and they are made especially for the use of this project. There will be 2 sales, pre sale and the main crowd sale. There will be total of 687.575.392 ERT tokens in circulation . There will be great bonuses for the one who are joining first. For 1 ERT token you will have to pay 0.02 dollar. Look at the picture below to see how tokens are distributed:    

 Look at their road map and what they have been planning for future:


 1) Unification. Users of Eristica will be able to create completely different types of tasks, including competitions in online games, offline bets, as well as mass competitions, which is a unique advantage of the project. Another great feature of the platform is the freedom provided to users when it comes to choosing the number of participants and participants. There can be competitions “one-against-one”, “one-against-many” and “mass”.

2) Benefits. Financial indicators and fees in the industry of rates and calls are uneven, and sometimes the discrepancy can be exorbitant. Bets usually apply to bookmakers or intermediary firms, which means that fees can increase to 20%. For example, platforms with problems among young people charge a fee of 10%, while online tournaments and eSports competitions charge 5–10%. Nevertheless, Eristica sets a single rate for all types of bets, calls and competitions, which is 3%. This will inevitably become the standard in the industry and will create a flow of customers from more expensive platforms.

3) Synergy. Eristica will also create a platform where different types of people can interact with each other, thus creating synergy in this process. A young man who, perhaps never before, was engaged in crypto currency, will have an opportunity to try products and services in the crypto industry. This will create a new influx of users and accelerate the process of introducing crypto currency into the masses.

4) Community. Demographics of a young audience is one of the attractive aspects of the Eristica project. About 64% of 1.2 million users are young people aged 13 to 24 years. Active users register in the application on average 4 times. What is surprising is that the average session time is 13 minutes, which is quite high in the industry.

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