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Games are a favorite pastime for most of us. For many, this passion for gaming has evolved to the point where they want to make the game their profession. The main source of inspiration for them, of course, are those professional players who win huge prizes at international tournaments. When online gaming became a professional sport, many began to perceive the game as something more serious than a waste of time. In fact, the gaming ecosystem is full of opportunities for game lovers to monetize their passion. Although it is worth mentioning immediately that not everyone can become world champions in games. But there are many other ways to make money in games. Players with high skills and personal charisma can create their own blog, which can then be monetized through advertising, donations and subscriptions. There is a demand for management, articles and tutorials for popular games, so players with appropriate writing skills, profound knowledge and erudition can take advantage of this. Other places to monetize the gaming experience are video podcasts and journalism. In other words, if you think that gaming is the most important thing in your life, then eventually you will be able to earn a living as a professional player, broadcaster or writer who specializes in games.

Speaking of game tournaments, there are several problems associated with them, which mainly affect professional players at the beginning of their career. The first problem is that the existing cash prize distribution system favors only the winners and leaves the other participants without anything. In fact, only 3% of the best professional players who participate in leagues and competitions get financial benefits from these events. Another problem is that at present the number of game competitions is rather limited and obviously does not cover the demand, while it limits the ability of many players with professional skills to enter e-sports. At the same time, the best e-sport teams find it difficult to find the rising stars, since there is no centralized platform that can organize high-level players, providing information about their ratings and skills.

ountie is a successful platform designed for gamers in Asia, which seeks to create an ecosystem in which the maximum number of talented players and people who are passionate about games can monetize their skills. The platform focuses on organizing e-sport tournaments and competitions, offering a fairer distribution system for prizes.

The opportunity to earn money by participating in these events will attract players with high potential, which in turn stimulate the general interest of computing, leading to increased traffic and potential monetization. In addition to eSport events, Bountie Platform will develop other intrinsic elements in the gaming ecosystem, including content creation, streaming and the creation of a community of players. This will give monetary incentives to other platform users involved in producing quality content, broadcasts and other games related activities. The system tracks all game events, which fixes the ratings and players skills that will be the basis for matchmaking, allowing players to find partners with similar levels of skills, and at the same time giving the eSport team a high instrument level to facilitate the collection of talented players. To sum up, gambling and, in particular, e-sport is the area where commercial potential is not used to the maximum, which makes it likely that the Bountie project will attract the interest of many players who want to use the their talents to make money.

From 29 January 2018, Bountie will sell tokens to distribute 105 million tokens. Pri ICO will last until February 4, 2018.
The price will be based on the following formula: 1 ETH = 4000 + 600 Bountie Coin.

ICO will start on February 5th. 45 million tokens are available for sale. Participating in the purchase will be until February 21st. For 1 ETH it will be possible to buy 4000 Bountie tokens.

A total of 200 million tokens will be issued, of which 50 million for the project team. 45% of these will be spent on the development and improvement of the platform. 25% for marketing needs. 15% will receive project partners and the remaining 15% will be used to pay legal fees.

Video of the project

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