What is EtainPower?

EtainPower is a blockchain-based platform that helps producers of renewable energy overcome the obstacles to project financing. EtainPower is the world's first ecosystem for producers and investors of sustainable energy. This platform will demystify the renewable energy sector because it connects producers with investors in a transparent, decentralized and democratic way.

With the aid of blockchain and smart contract technology, EtainPower will symbolize the revenues from renewable energy and stimulate project financing for producers of renewable energy. The transparent, decentralized and fair financing environment of EtainPower will reduce financing costs, improve the efficiency of project financing and thus lead to the worldwide expansion of renewable energy.

EtainPower is a new project that is going to facilitate a renewable energy financing and trading platform. It provides all the leading features of the artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Highly trained engineers from Silicon Valley are working to make EtainPower’s vision a reality. They have developed and presented a unique and cutting-edge blockchain structure to tokenize the renewable energy assets from all across the world. Thus this platform will turn renewable assets into tradable assets. Interested users can trade them rapidly by using highly decentralized trading platform featured by EtainPower.
How does it operate?

This platform is developing a source for renewable energy which will be available for all the people across the globe. Hence the development of renewable energy sources is initiated all across the globe, the founders of this project imagined that a platform like EtainPower needed to facilitate trading facility for this new market.

Their plan is to work for the betterment of renewable energy resources and support the investors in making while working on renewable energy projects. Though the world is actively supporting the use of renewable energy resources, there are still some major issues affecting this vision. Energy crises are occurring across the globe mainly because of limited supply of fossil fuels. The demands for renewable power is increasing but at the same time the founders of renewable energy projects also want to reduce the price of initial investment to shape their plans effectively and gain good profit.

People who are willing to invest in renewable energy, will gain better opportunities for investment and making profit at EtainPower. If you join this platform and invest in its vision, it would be much easier for you to invest into renewable energy sources and find the ways of making profit.

As the official website endorses, the EtainPower team includes professionals who have spent years in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy. They are combining the AI and Blockchain technologies to resolve the issues associated with global energy demands and supply. This platform has a vision of removing traditional energy giants from the central position and implementing a decentralized solution in which every investor can make profit.

This stage gives far reaching answer for the various issues we are looked with in the electrical power area, it essential objective is to destroy every awkward heap of burdens caused by truancy of satisfactory power supply in the modern part, instructive and religious division. The outline of this electrical power supply supplier "Etainpower" controlled by blockchain is to guarantee that household and mechanical requirements for electric power are met. It plans to upgrade the security of electrical power supply and kill the issues we are looked with in the electric power division. Let examine regular petroleum derivative as a wellspring of intensity age, customary non-renewable energy source produces cut-rate power for mankind; it likewise makes irreversible contamination and mischief our surroundings. As of late, the world's universal forces have started to understand these issues caused by the utilization of regular non-renewable energy sources, for example, an Earth-wide temperature boost and contamination, governments have issued polices to upgrade the enhancement of sustainable power source ventures; subsequently the purpose behind "Etainpower" as an extreme answer for the previously mentioned issues.

Etainpower control have a definitive answers for these issues. The Etainpower initiative groups has many years of involvement in sustainable power source and power framework structure and administration motivated by decentralization, straightforwardness, and majority rules system of blockchain. Etainpower set out determined to comprehend the financing trouble of sustainable power source ventures. Utilizing inventive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and different advances, Etainpower is attempting to improve the associating frameworks between sustainable power sources and the power networks. By limiting the effect of recurrence change and enhancing the wellbeing and steadiness of framework task, Etainpower take out the obstacles that remain of the method for sustainable power source venture advancement. Likewise, the issues can be settled can be explained through the utilization of vitality token, differentiate speculation return and power matrix insight.

Etainpower will dispatch its pilot venture in Antigua and Barbuda as a proof of idea. Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign nation of the Americas, situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and is comprised of two noteworthy islands and some partnered Islands. See the guide beneath;

EPR Token Allocation Plan
Token lock-up period:
Founding Team & Advisors (20%): 3-year lock up period.
Releasing schedule: 30%, 30%, 40% in year 1, year 2 and year 3 respectively.
Foundation Reserves: 5-year lock up period.
Release schedule: 20% every year.
Ecosystem rewarding pool: 5-year rewarding period for early platform participants.
Community development and operation: will not be locked.


Q2 2018
• Complete EPR token development and prepare for EPR Initial Coin Offering
Business Development:
• Finish EPR Initial Coin Offering
• Sign agreement with Antigua and
Barbuda National Grid to implement
EtainPower platform in its territory

Q3 2018
• Develop PPS token
• Launch PPS wallet Ver.1.0
Business Development:
• Completion of renewable energy project audit standards on the platform

Q4 2018
• Launch Beta version PPS financing platform
Business Development:
• Sign total 600MW renewable energy projects to raise capital on EtainPower platform

Q1 2019
• Launch PPS financing platform Ver.1.0
Business Development:
• Complete financing for the first batch of renewable energy projects.

Q2 2019
• Launch PPS Ver 2.0 to support multiple applications and services.
Develop PPS applications
Business Development:
• Expand business to Asia and United
States, marketing EtainPower platform to renewable energy producers and investors

Q3 2019
• Launch PPS wallet Ver 2.0 to support application services for users (mobile phone and web version)
Business Development:
• Sign partnership agreement with multiple application service providers
• Distribute revenue from the first batch of renewable energy projects to PPS holders (project investors)

Q4 2019
• Launch PPS application services such as electric vehicle rental, EV charging, travel services and more
Business Development:
• Develop power utility clients
• Before 2020, EtainPower platform will help 4GW renewable energy power generation projects complete financing

Blockchain development is a creative web database advancement. This is a free, decentralized, unquestionable, and unending database that exists together in a couple of zones and is shared by the system. By framework, blockchain is on a very basic level impenetrable to data check. After the trade occurs on the stage, it is checked by everyone on the stage.
It should be seen that PPS tokens are individual for each errand. This technique licenses considering neighborhood contrasts (since the cost per kilowatt fluctuates by country), gives money related experts additional odds and additional advantage, makes and keeps up contention between different influence plants. PPS tokens can be exchanged for ERP tokens at the transformation scale, you can purchase additional organizations for them on the EtainPower stage or offer them on the trade.
The use of innovative advances: The EtainPower adventure assemble endeavors to improve the efficiency of force plants anyway much as could sensibly be normal, thus, it uses present day courses of action: IoT (Internet things, it will instantly track sensor readings), AI and machine learning. These advancements will make it possible to use resources simply more capably, which in the end will incite an extension in the effectiveness of the entire biological community, and thusly the wage of money related masters will in like manner increase.
Flexibility. The assignment gather does not require ERP to wind up another token on your wallet, it is expected to collaborate with a significant business to make the ERP token exceptional, the token that can be used in customary everyday presence.
Tokenized Renewable - Energy Financing
A portion of Our Utilities - Energy Tokens
Maintainable Value - Growth of EPR Tokens
Wise Strength – Utilities

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