NPER - The Future of Decentralized Intellectual Property.

NPER is a project that allows creators to take legitimate rights by defeating the unusual copyright industry structure that takes away the legitimate rights of creators. It will build a blockchain main network to innovate the copyright industry, and challenge on various possibilities. This project also presents a new business model for participating in the enormous IP industry. We will create a "digital asset" called "NPER COIN" for everyone to make it possible to participate in big market of intellectual property.

NPER TokenSale Details
The NPER Inc. , OŰ did not force anyone to participate or invest in the pre-sale and crowd sale. Everyone who participates in the pre-sale and crowd sale of the NPER project must be fully aware of the contents of the project and the risk of purchasing a NPER coin before participating. The NPER team is not legally responsible for the financial and economic loss of the NPER coin purchased at the discretion of the NPER coin purchaser. Crypto currency, including NPER coins, is a high-risk asset that has tremendous volatility and is currently not legally protected. Please note that the NPER Inc. , OŰ have no legal liability, including compensation and indemnity, for financial and economic losses arising from the purchase of an NPER coin. Before participating in the NPER Pre Sale & Crowd Sale, please read the NPER Project White Paper thoroughly and be fully aware of the risks associated with purchasing the NPER Coin.

※ The pre-sale which was planned to open on December 31st will be held in Token Bank exclusively. After that, 2nd presale and crowd sale will be available only as a personal wallet on the official homepage.

*NPER Token Sale detail schedule

2017.12.31 ~ 2018.1.10 -> Pre-sale on Tokenbank / 2,000ETH / 15% of bonus NPER will be given

2018.1.11 ~ 2018.1.18 -> Pre-sale on official website / 2,000ETH / 15% of bonus NPER will be given

2018.1.19 ~ 2018.1.31 -> Crowd-sale on official website / 4,000ETH / For the 1st day 5% of bonus NPER will be given and the other days none
Discussion on establishing a Japan branch.
NPER is working towards expanding it’s business in the Global market. Japan respects the value of Intellectual Property and cryptocurrency market, making it a important market for NPER to be part of. NPER will collaborate with a Japanese major company to construct brand in Japanese market.
Meeting with specialists in IP Industry
NPER had meeting with lawyers, patent attorney and professors who are experts with many years of experience in IP industry. They have positive attitude in combining blockchain and IP industry and will actively help NPER, the first IP blockchain in Korea, to success.

2017 Q4
Testnet Deployment

MOU with BitBank

Cooperation with Hexlant

NPER Token Issue


2018 Q1
DAPP Web/iOS/Android Prototype Development

Crowd Sale

NPER Wallet Development

Listed on Exchange development

NCC(NPER Copyright Consortium) Open

NPER Android Wallet Beta Release

Purchase IP(Intellectual Property)

NPER IP Dashboard Prototype

NCC Network Construction

NPER iOS/Web Wallet Beta Release

IP Investment Expansion

IP Dashboard Release

IP Crowdfunding Service

Voting System Construction

NPER Air Drop

NCC Conference

Special Token Issue

2019 Q1
Testnet Launch

Support Creators

Block Explorer Release


Q2 - Q3
Core Wallet Release

Decentralized IP Exchange Release

Proof of Stake(PoS) on Testnet Start

Extend IP Business Model

NPER Mainnet Launch

Daniel Nam
CEO, Co-founder

As a general manager and operational planner, he has accumulated project planning and operating experience at Hyundai Motor Group. He was the youngest Entrepreneurship Division leader in multinational NGOs, and also contributed to the founding of third-country and developing country town enterprises. He also has a global work experience at Tecnológico de Monterrey for international affairs.

Mike Lee

He participated in the develop-ment of related services such as large-volume data collection, data reporting with NEXTEL New Media Research Institute and WEB-International as gover nmental businesses. He will lead the NPER project successfully based on the devel opment know-how gained throu gh building and providing various solutions for more than 20 years

Johnny Lee
CDO, Co-founder

He manages overall brand identity and design strategy of NPER. He has experience in producing various Crypto and Start-up CI and BI. He planned advertisement design for IBK Industrial Bank, Brooks Brothers, Hyundai and Lotte Department Store, Gucci, and others. He is also a painter who has exhibited his works at the Louvre Museum and the Grand Palais National Museum of Art

Ryan Kim
COO, Co-founder

He is the service planner and general manager of the project. He majored in Germanistik and business administration at Univ ersity and worked at securities firm to develop sales and invest ment planning ability. In 2012, he introduced the talent donati on project, which was an unfa miliar concept in Korea, and rec eived the attention of the media and received a congratulatory speech from the Minister of Health and Welfare.

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