AlphaX is an entirely new generation of crypto-currency based on Scrypt using a complete Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transactions made over Alpha-X’s blockchain network are instant, and almost take place in real time, they are entirely anonymous and private, and are also very secure. The whole operation takes place over the Alpha-X decentralised P2P network’s self-governed architecture. Our intention is to make it as good as virtual cash (plastic cards) so that it can provide real time liquidity and utility within the market.

Alpha-X agenda is to change the entire face of utility tokens, by utilising blockchain technology to overcome the historical shortcomings of traditional system. When this technology will be combined with an intuitive user friendly interface & gamification, a new level of trust and enthusiasm will be created amongst the community to build new confidence and excitement for a new era utility ecosystem. Alpha-X Blockchain characteristics would be following :

Complete Anonymity

It take cares of your financial privacy in a very strict manner. No one else will even get to know about your holding anymore.

Advanced Security

Alpha-X have an extra layer of encryption, to ensure its user complete security and anonymity in each and every transaction.

Negligible Low Fee

Unlike other crypto currencies, now you don’t have to pay huge transaction fee, within Alpha-X coin network you don’t have to pay any third party commission, you cover your own network fee.

Decentralised Governance

The governance of Alpha-X coin is democratically distributed in the hands of all stake holder across the network, in a complete decentralised manner.

P2P Network

Like other cryptocurrencies, even Alpha-X is based on peer to peer decentralised core network, but is much ahead in every perspective compared to its contemporary network with its future advanced technical approach.

Mission & Vision
From Marketing perspective, starting from the very small shopkeeper to whole global market worth of billions and trillions of dollars works on quite fundamental binary of marketing, DEMAND & SUPPLY.

As we all know if the Demand is greater than Supply, price rises. Else if viceversa, it crashes. Hence to maintain these equilibrium, even a cryptocurrency should have liquidity to fulfil the supply, whereas a utility options to generate demand.

Alpha-X Ecosystem

The coins distributed through the main chain in the ICO are Alpha-X coin, it’s a POS based cryptocurrency and hence is quite fast, secure and anonymous, so we intend to populate it as Utility Coin, through which we will increase the utility proposition over the market and at right time, even we can integrate point-of-sale (POS) over AX


This will be created at later stage using the ICO funds of AX, it would be launched as a global cryptocurrency exchange, with the motive to provide more and more liquidity in different Fiat-Crypto pairs. The mission is to get upto 100 plus pairs of fiat currency and make the exchange accessible round the globe, to everyone.


A light weight interface where all the related activities will take place, where user can put its coin and can spend whenever and wherever required.


An online marketplace to bring the merchants and buyers closers. Here the participating merchants can sell their merchandise directly to the buyers with Alpha-X coins


Alpha-X have an agenda to provide true liquidity to its users, round the globe , round the clock. Any one can buy or sell Alpha-X in his locality at any time without any problem. We have intended to provide AX debit cards as well and integrate it with point over sale.


A decentralised QT wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux clients for storing, sending , receiving and minting new Alpha-X coin. Here the user will hold his private keys and hence its the most securest way to hold your money with yourself.

5 Level Affiliate
Use your Alpha-X referral link and share it with your friends, families and other interested parties. If any of them sign up with your referral link and when they buy Alpha-X, you will get 10.0% reward amounts to by your first level referrals. If your referral share his referral and so on, you will get benefitted as 5% from 2nd level, 3% from 3rd level, 1% from 4th level and 1% from 5th level.

Instant Payout
By sharing your Alpha-X referral link now you can earn up to 20% referral bonus. And you can withdraw the referral bonus instantly to your BTC wallet. Once you earn some referral bonus go to the affiliate section in your backoffice, input your BTC wallet address and withdraw your earned bonus instantaneously.

The primary goal of the Alpha-X Eco system, with its AX Coins, is to maintain all products and services using crypto-currencies and AX Coin, regardless of the current banking and economic system. In addition we will safely manage the money and fully utilise it for fast transactions.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Multi-Currency Debit Card

User Friendly Exchange And Trading Platform

Worldwide Marketplace

Infomation Token Sale
Token: AX

Standard: Own

Platform: Own

Private Pre sale price: 1 AX = 0.05 USD

Open Pre sale price : 1 AX = 0.07 USD

Price ICO: 1 AX = 0,1 USD

Payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

Premium ICO

Amount: 50,000,000 AX

Bonus: %

Start: 01.11.2018

End: 15.12.2018


Amount: 90,000,000 AX

Bonus: %

Start: 16.12.2018

End: 31.01.2019

Apr 2018 – Idea came with Internet Of Things making life simpler

May 2018 – Research, Team building

June 2018 – Idea analysed and Improved, Finalized the product

July 2018 – Alpha-X- Website Launched

Aug 2018 – Alpha-X Whitepaper Launched

Alpha-X Blockchain Created

Alpha-X Source code published on GitHub

Posting over Bitcointalk and other Forums

Sept 2018 – ICO Launched

Private Pre Sale

Oct 2018 – Open Pre Sale

Bounty Campaigns

Nov 2018 – Crowdsale

Airdrop + Bonus

Dec 2018 – QT Wallet Launched for Windows, Mac &

Linux Listing on Exchange

Listing on Coinmarketcap

Q1 2019 – Alpha-X Mobile Wallet

Security Audit Report

Q2 2019 – Alpha-X Exchange Launch

Integration of Major Coins

Advertisement and Promotion

Security Audit

Q3 2019 – Alpha-X Marketplace Launch

Alpha-X Debit Card Program

Q4 2019 – Alpha-X Integration for major systems, like Utility Bill

Payment, Telephone Bill, Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, etc

Alpha-X Integration with local Stores, Restaurant, Shop etc.

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