BlokBiz is a crowdfunding stage inside the cryptographic cash area. We will presumably build a phase where all the recorded ICOs are consummately checked by our Team utilizing all around avowed consistence and AML strategies. Simply those sodalities can appear on our stage which thoroughly passing on the beforehand verbally expressed technique. Examiners can scrutinize on our stage for ICO theories understanding that every sodality is meticulously checked and assessed. We moreover pass on the bolstered designates the sodalities in partitions in perspective of their monetary arrangement plan and the headway in the errand. In case the assignment does not proceed with the financed aggregates will be sent back to the theorists. Our instruments for achieving these goals are throughout the day, consistently customer advantage, cleaned faculty, rigorous methodologies, obliging perspective and submitted assignment chiefs for enrolled ICOs to open up supervision and efficacy.

BlokBiz is a secured and monitored crowdfunding portal. It is an intermediary that combines blockchain technology with the most secure compliance methods used by big commercial banks. BlokBiz gives solution to the current ICO and cryptocurrency investment issues. Filters financial criminal activities such as scam ICOs, money laundering, terrorism and black market financing. We dedicate a project manager for each and every ICO project, so it is directly monitored and guided by our Team.

We issue our own tokens (XBZ) for several reasons. While this helps us Finance most projects, it will also help our investors minimize their investment costs and allow them to benefit from our operations in the future. Our goal is to make the ICO market much safer and more transparent. We will create a truly friendly platform for Investors and listed companies to reduce costs and energy spent on their fundraising. Our vision is to create a service package named BlokBiz that represents trust and security. A group of platforms that creates and maintains a strong center in the ICO market.

The coin market is getting more and more spread among the Investors. The
promising high yield encourages more people the rearrange their assets to the
cryptomarket which is inevitably increases the number of frauds. The daily amount of frauds is about 20 million in USD. Our company’s goal is to curb the spread of scam ICOs and create a crypto-investment portal, where all the investors can be sure that the company they are investing in is a fully-monitored, fully-checked and guided entity. BlokBiz uses the following methods to put the cryptomarket on a more trusted road:

Companies are monitored by our compliance department. Compliance experts are reviewing the projects’ goals, Cash Flow Projections, history of all owners, organizational chart till the Holding, Bank Reference from company and owners. etc.

Problems with the ICO market
Overall Numerous ICO’s have suitable vision and revolutionary plan for the future, but approximately 2% of them will be successful. Unfortunately, majority of the coins are scams or pump and dump schemes, moreover they cause huge financial damages to the investors. Nowadays, nobody knows which is a viable or unviable project, therefore this type of market is excessively dangerous and unreliable.
Trust issues Scammers have too many possibilities to cheat. They spend lots of money for marketing activities and have great and credible appearance. These ICO’s are similar to real projects with the difference of their only aim is to defraud money. The conclusion is: it’s a hard work for investors to find the appropriate ICO to invest in.
Great projects are still failing Even if the project is meant to be a viable and real one there might be internal or external issues that can hinder or restrain its existence. A good project with bad management has little to no future in the market and can cause the same amount of loss to the investors as the fraudulent projects.
Pump & Dump Schemes In this kind of market the most typical phenomenon is manipulating the price. Generally, the capitalization of ICO’s are not too large-scale, so obviously their prices can be easily vectored. The same thing happens when a large amount of call order increases the price and everybody makes a large profit and after then nearly the same amount is sold and the price drop down and the ICO might become worthless.
The BlokBiz Method
Compliance check Our team demands several official company and due dilligence documents. Every owner is checked in world-wide standard AML softwares.
Selection of the projects Successfully passing the compliance check is not determining the viability of the project. BlokBiz interviews the company’s team members and rates their professionalism and the viability of the project.
Dedicated project manager If the company passes the interview a dedicated project manager will be assigned to the project. The project manager will keep close contact with the company members and will inform the investors about the progress of the project.
Creating the token contract for the company BlokBiz issues and manages the funded companies’ token stocks. In that way we are preventing artifical ‘Pump & Dump’ schemes made by companies.
Pay out in intallments Company should deliever a cashflow plan, and a roadmap. Our compliance experts review the plan, approves the amount of Ethereum that is necessary for the project, and will send to the company in installments depending on the progress in the project.
Refund If the company has collected the target amount by the deadline but does not show any progress, investors will not lose all of their invested Ethereum coins.
Technical information
The purpose of the issuance and delivery of tokens to the investors consists of two parts.

This speeds up the project development process so that it can get started early. However, the launch of the platform does not depend on the successful sale of tokens. Raising capital from the sale of tokens has to be accelerator. This is why xbz tokens can be returned during the sales period.
The presence of the token XBZ will reduce transaction costs of the owner on the platform BlokBiz. Investors have the opportunity to get these tokens at very reasonable prices during the pre-sale and soft margin, but the tokens will be available during the Blokbiz platform at a higher price.

BlockBiz Info Token
Symbol Token: XBZ
Platform: Etheruem
Total supply: 100 000 000 XBZ
85% of tokens will be sold
Tokens will be available for purchase after the sales period because they can be used to reduce transaction costs with the BlokBiz portal
Prices at the start of sales 3252 XBZ = 1 ETH
There is no white list
When sales are over, BlockBiz will start offer our tokens at a price of 1891 XBZ = 1 ETH and may change due to supply in their own stocks.


Further information:
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