Deex is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to offer a reliable and convenient way to quickly trade, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies. Here’s our Deex review.
Cryptocurrencies cannot not be traded or exchanged with each other or with fiat except through the use of cryptocurency exchanges, hereafter referred to as “exchange”. Myriads of exchanges came with the increasing adoption, popularity and use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Many of these exchanges scammed and fizzled away, while others are still struggling to survive. Only a handful of exchanges are making waves. Yet, people are yearning for a change. People are yearning for an exchange which is secure, makes transactions faster with a strong team and great features.
DEEX is one such decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which is under development. The main objective of DEEX is to erase the line between the real and the digital world by developing an efficient crypto exchange that can be used globally

When the exchange launches, Deex plans to offer 10 cryptocurrencies available for trading, including bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins. The goal is to create a “reliable and convenient” platform where users can quickly trade cryptocurrencies using common fiat currency deposit methods available in their countries.

The long-term goal of Deex is to create more than just an exchange: the team wants to create an entire decentralized financial ecosystem.

The token sale for deex tokens began on January 10, 2018. A closed pre-sale took place towards the end of 2017.

The platform is actively in development by a Russia-based team.

How Does Deex Work?
Deex is a decentralized financial ecosystem based on the BitShares 2.0 platform. The goal is to create a platform that replicates the features and functionalities of centralized exchanges without their major shortcomings.

Today’s centralized exchanges, for example, are exposed to a number of risks like security threats, unfair competition, danger of sanctions, and more. These exchanges keep all customer funds and data in a single, centralized place, creating a major security threat. Over $500 million in cryptocurrencies has been stolen from centralized exchanges to date.

Deex aims to solve this problem by creating a decentralized exchange with all of thee features of a centralized exchange. Clients have complete control over their funds, while still enjoying features you would expect when dealing with the BitShares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain, described in a Deex press release as “an extremely fast and reliable platform with not a single hacking record since its creation.”

BitShares 2.0 allows for 100,000 transactions, for example. It also allows for the creation of smart contracts.
Deex exchange is the solution. Really, I must say that I have been following the project right from its presale stages and up until now. The Deex ico proved very successful as a total of 11 623 ether were raised. Since then, the team has not relented, all hands has been on deck as each step of Deex exchange development has always been communicated to investors. Really, I am glad to invest in a viable project like Deex echange.


In the first phase of development, deex wants to create a reliable, easy-to-use and multifunctional cryptocurrency decentralization exchange (on the Bitshares 2.0 Platform with the integration of Openledger's full exchange functionality and other analogues of the DEX exchange). At the time of the ICO, DEEX will have an exchange MVP and will be traded.

Deex exchange gives individuals a dependable and helpful platform for speedy exchanging, trading, purchasing or offering cryptocurrency utilizing the most well known installment strategies. In excess of 10 digital currencies will be accessible for trade and exchanging, including Bitcoin and Ethereum and numerous different altcoins.
Deex exchange is the primary decentralized digital currency exchange, on which everybody can exchange exclusively relying upon involvement. It incorporates a blockchain subsidize, an ensured decentralized blockchain p2p dispatcher, a platform for leading ICO of both inner tasks and improvements pulling in speculations. Really I must say that Deex exchange has the best technology and developers. It offers the best exchange experience. You can join the Deex platform here:

Two factor authentication to give users enhanced security
A built-in P2P messenger
A decentralized, transparent blockchain fund called the
The ability to restore accounts after losing access to your password
High liquidity across a large number of trading pairs
24/7 technical support
Hardware cryptowallet support for cold storage of cryptocurrencies and tokens
Desktop and mobile applications for convenient trading
Trading robots for automatic trading
A platform where companies can safely conduct ICOs with the decentralized escrow toolkit from
A platform for creating a decentralized, transparent blockchain system for cryptofund managed by Deex professional traders
Cryptocurrency debit cards linked to users’ wallets on Deex for integration into fiat gateways
An API for the integration of third party applications and services within the Deex platform
A network of crypto ATMs where users can exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency in the real world

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