KartBlock - decentralized e-commerce application

You can have an idea and grow a respectable business from the scratch, but when you already have a business that is sustainable, and want to grow it faster with new technologies, that is easier thing to do. This is why KartBlock is interesting, this idea of decentralized e-commerce has a respectable business behind 27avenue.com, which is successful and plan to grow more.
Since E-commerce is needed today, market is growing very fast, and KartBlock plan is to be underlying blockchain technology for the further development of e-commerce business.

Only in last three years e-commerce industry revenue doubled, and it is forecasting that this year total revenue will be close to 3 trillion dollars.
Idea behind KartBlock ecosystem is very simple - to directly reward customers/users for their valuable contribution to the Kart Block platform, without the need for any middlemen.
How the system is functioning - person create user profile, through which can make online purchase and can create online store and list products on the marketplace. After successful purchase, product is shipped and delivered through 27avenue and logistic companies. Confirmed delivery ensures payment to/from user wallet, and provide info to logistic companies.
This brings transparency and security to e-commerce process through block-chain technology and decentralized applications, that can be seen on picture below.

This autumn 2018 is reserved for token sale and product MVP, and global expansion is expected next year.

for more information visit http://kartblock.io/

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135

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