Perucoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, whose aim is to increase knowledge about cryptomonedas in Peru and will enable it to achieve:
Get to know the cryptomoney for the people of Peru.
Encourage people to invest in cryptomonedas.
Cree is one of the largest mining exploits in Peru.
Training on a guided trip to the mining farm to find out how good and good mining machinery works.

Specifically developed by Bits2u, PeruCoin aims to educate and expand knowledge about kryptomoney. We have noticed a high level of ignorance, especially with regard to block chain technology and cryptomonedas, especially among Peruvian people. Through PeruCoin, we strive to showcase all the operations and functions of Peru in the world of cryptomoney. We have understood the know-how contracts, Ethereum, Blockchain and other related terms in the secret room. To expand or disseminate knowledge and educate Peruvians about cryptomoney, we will build a cryptomoney mining field equipped with more than 2000 mining machines in an effort to show Peru how to operate the machinery and operate it. Our goal is to build a long corridor at this mining plant where the right and left sides will be covered with glass that cannot be solved.
Our goal.

PeruCoin's main objective in the short term is to complete the first phase of the road map, which includes the purchase of a factory that will later become a mining field. In addition, PeruSoin is committed to strengthening and promoting a broad circulation of crypto dynamics among Peruvian people. Through mining, PeruSoin also strives to become a mod
Bits2u’s Mission and Vision:
Only 40% Peruvians use bank accounts for their monetary transactions. It is quite obvious Peruvians are ignorant about their savings and investments. Bits2u is seeing this as an opportunity. Since crypto transaction is safer and cheaper than banks’ monetary transactions, if common people can be educated properly about the pros and cones of crypto payment method, they will definitely feel interested in investing here.
As Bits2u doing online cloud mining for their clients since 2016, they has got expert panel of miners and programmers who can teach common people about the whole process. Bits2u is focusing on teaching Peruvians about PERUCOIN by showing them their mining factory practically. They will have the largest mining farm in Peru consisting of 2000 mining machine by the end of this year.

Who will invest in PERUCOIN?
Big organizations who look for advertisement and philanthropic works for their marketing purposes donate in various projects like schooling, establishing a hospital etc. PERUCOIN will offer them to do the same through this currency, where half of their investments will directly go to PERUCOIN token collections. Company can choose whether it wants to be a part of PERUCOIN venture or not. They can also have tokens and complete the payment method in cryptocurrencies.
Is it safe?
Well, all cryptocurrencies are safer than any fiat currency. Blockchain technology ensures not a single currency can be a hacked by a third party and all payments are done peer to peer. Etherium technology is supporting PERUCOIN , ERC20 to be specific. So investors can invest safely here.

Bits2u has introduced a unique model to sell their tokens in the crypto world so that their price comparison will soon go beyond other cryptocurrencies. There is a control reserve fund where PERUCOIN token holders will reserve their currencies in personal wallets. This will provide a secured and decentralized platform for monetary transactions via PERUCOIN.
PERUCOIN ensuring two unique features: First crypto in Peru and intending to teach common Peruvians about crypto payment method; will surely dominate the market very soon. The world concept of investing money is changing. Now we don’t need to have a huge bank balance to invest in any business. Cryptocurrencies is one of the safest business platform where you can invest your money and make money out of it. PERUCOIN will be the safest place for you to invest right now.
Token distribution.
The total number of tokens is 1 million 900 thousand, which will have a positive impact on the level of tokens. Initially, 77% of tokens were allocated. Developer 8% Marketing 2% Exchange 13%.

Development team.
The team includes highly qualified specialists, recruitment to the team is underway, planned to increase the number of development team members. More details with each one can be found on the official website provided below.
PeruCoin Sales.
At present, sales of tokens at the pre-sales stage begin. Tokens (PRU) are being sold. In presale sales you get a 20% bonus on purchases, until June 11. 1 PRU sells for 7 dollars. This token will be used in the Peruvian ecosystem.
In the plan for the 3rd quarter 2018, factory purchases, then acquisition of mining equipment, then solutions with security. According to the plan, in 2019 the first excursion to the plant was planned. Below is a project road map. Conclusion I consider the project attractive and attractive to the population, this is a breakthrough in the financial industry.

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