Freelancing can be a lucrative profession decision, regardless of whether you're endeavoring to get away from the mind-desensitizing repetitiveness of water cooler chatters or simply hoping to acquire additional money to go out on the ends of the week. In any case, beginning can be overpowering: it's not all daylight and simple cruising; it downpours, regularly. Since as a consultant you are without anyone else. It's dependent upon you to check in and out, and discover the inspiration to begin moving—if approaching bills aren't sufficient. Be that as it may, that additional obligation pays off on the grounds that in the long run you get the opportunity to work for yourself.

Presently we have million of professionals Freelancers who work from the solace of their home and wins great pay and we additionally have numerous platforms like fiver and Upwork that go about as connectors between these experts and the individuals who require their services.

UMKA is a decentralized, blockchain-based labor market with productive undertaking executions and a wide assortment of valuable useful tools coordinated into its system. UMKA gives a stage where clients can find competent specialists, reliable customers, and online courses in the organization nor the company, UMKA tries to make master networks and give them the best condition for work, training, or self-improvement.

UMKA is an agreeable space for participation amongst bosses and temporary workers or the employers that offers a Wide exhibit of valuable instruments coordinated into its system digital passport contains client's information. The information is put away on the blockchain. Digital passport contains all the data about client's abilities and capabilities, his/her work understanding and a conceivable rundown of courses finished inside UMKA stage sources. The advanced international ID makes simpler for businesses to discover specialists with the required range of abilities.

UMKA is a decentralized labor market that is a productive undertaking execution and a group building tools in light of the blockchain technology. UMKA offers employers a choice from many a great many investors with the required competency levels recorded in their electronic travel papers. UMKA furnishes specialists with freelancer opportunities, testing frameworks with a poise capacity, and preparing programs from the world's driving instructive organizations. UMKA makes not just offer a showing with regards to seek. It is a smart contract that makes workable for employers to set the exact precise for specialists while consultants can fabricate capabilities following the market patterns.


fund and information are collected and overseen by a single entity, Stage directions, the measures of expenses and commissions, and the system specialized parameters might be corrected without the assent of the clients. guarantee of timely payment and proper work performance. High commission charges. Commission expenses on the freelance market right now go in the vicinity of 2.7% and 20% of the exchange sum.


UMKA is a 100% decentralized client user system. All information on transactions, evaluations and key user information are put away on the blockchain. An Agile Smart Contract that permits arrange by organize installment and alterations settled upon by the two gatherings, Contains information on the work routine, spending plan and determinations; The whole transaction sum is put on hold under the business' record until the point when the venture begins. UMKA's bonus charge is 1% for each transaction. All transactions commission receipts will be utilized for additionally service.

Through the stage's brilliant system, managers can set the requirements for freelancer and have the capacity to choose for the various freelancers who have the required capabilities as recorded on their digital passport. Freelancer then again can have the capacity to get to platform , opening, preparing projects and training systems so as to fabricate their competency in light of the present market patterns.

UMKA supported currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, Ripple, and Fiat currencies.


Digital Passport: contains all client information that is stores away on the blockchain. The information incorporates the client's aptitudes and capabilities, their experience and courses they may have gone up against the stage.

Agile Smart Contract: These smart contracts disentangle payments particularly for long haul investments.

Arbitration system: if there should arise an occurrence of false impressions, clients can utilize UMKA mediation to explain the issue.

Google Neural Machine Translation: it is incorporated into the system to help clients from various nations speak with each other on the stage

The stage likewise includes an easy to understand interface, which can be get to by means of a portable application, web rendition or a work area customer.


BONUSES: investors will get extra tokens other than their tokens on the off chance that they buy a base token sum.

COMMISSION: The stage will appropriate a commission of 1% to token holders in view of the measure of tokens accessible in their client wallets.

SECURE: transactions on the stage are completed utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain, which will permit following of all activities on people in general system along these lines ensuring speedier and secure transactions.

LOWER TRANSACTION FEES: The decentralized idea of the stage implies that middle people, for example, banks are not included amid transactions thusly the transaction costs are limited, as there are no commissions.


UMKA will work utilizing resources for cryptocurrencies and fiat monetary standards to simplify transactions between clients. A benefit is the UMK token upheld by a client's digital currency adjust in their UMKA wallet or their fiat account adjust on the stage.

Transaction on the stage will be through the smart contract gets that help Bitcoin and Ethereum in spite of the fact that later on more cryptocurrency will be presented.

The stage is directing an Initial Coin Offering keeping in mind the end goal to help promoting and advancement of the undertaking. The ICO will issue the ERC20 UMK token on the Ethereum blockchain. Financial specialists can buy the UMK tokens, which will ensure investment amid the dissemination of the stage's income. A token holder's adjust will be shown in their client wallet. Token holders will get rewards in view of the measure of tokens they have.

Token Symbol: UMK

Token Sale Starts: 1 June 2018

Total Supply: 180 million

Token Standard: ERC20





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