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The name of the project is Vena Network ( and creators introduce it to us as an "Open Protocol for Tokenized Asset Financing and Exchange". Let s look inside, how it works.

The very first thing that I like in the project - that there is a possibility of cross chain asset transactions, that is a big advantage for network, because as for now I see it as a big problem that day by day it becomes more and more blockchains and to find common currency becomes harder and harder.

Pretty interesting security system: it is realized as "jury network" and arbitrage system. So jury would earn for solving arbitrage cases. But this is not the only opportunity to earn tokens of Vena Network, also NODES system are realized and you can profit from transaction fees by establishing nodes based on the Vena protocol. (I will speak more about Jury solution a bit later)

No third parties. The only person to person transactions, that is guaranteed by the security protocol.

Fast cryptocurrency to fiat transactions with a low fee (ETH, BTC, etc.)

I find and mark this ICO because of several very interesting solution. And the first one I d like to speak in detail is Jury Network.

Jury network is such a network where people decide and find the solution in cases where smart contract is unable to deal with and it will submit results to smart contract. The Jury system is 100% transparent and fair. For each case, Jury will earn tokens.
To be eligible for Jury you need to pass the KYC (send an application to Vena DAO and provide your proof of identity) and make a deposit in VENA tokens to Vena DAO.

So Vena is going to build a huge financial network with the possibility of lending fiat money, exchange currencies, etc. and cryptocurrency is involved in this great project.
The project has great plans, I will shortly tell them here, but for the full schedule you are to visit Vena webcite -, or watch my screenshot.

2018 Q3: Public sale, beta-version exchange release, open aplication for Vena Nodes.
2018 Q4: VENA token is listed on an exchange, first Vena Nodes, Vena 1.0 release.
2019 Q1: Vena 1.1 release, develope ecosystem that is going to enclude 20+ nodes.
2019 Q2: Vena 2.0 release, 50+ nodes.

Several words need also to be told about the team. This project is created by Chinese (that is one more advantage as even during such bad market Asia has many opportunities and the Asian market is really well involved in ICO).

The CEO of the project is Qing Zhu who is also the creator of the, departed technical director of the IceKredit, a well-known fintech organization.

The CTO is Jeremy Lan. A leading Blockchain engineer, the co-founder of Hardrole. His interests are: logic and strategic research and he has great experience in internet practice and deep technical vision. Jeremy has been the principal of a famous artificial intelligence company Hiscene was responsible for cloud architecture design and product development.

The Operation Director is May Du, with great knowledge and big experience in entrepreneurship. Manage her first venture capital exit by founding SATORI BCC PTE. LTD. In 2017, took CEO office and sold them out a share of stock to set them in 2018.

The CSO is Yuanfei Zhu. Joined four startups, mostly during an early stage(less than 5 to 40 people), across a wide spectrum: e-commerce(series E), SoLoMo(series A, over than four million users), IoT and Predictive B2B(series B, raised around seventy millions).

Joined the first to the established company, have a great experience in the sphere of big data and industrial standard machine learning and Artificial intelligence system.

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