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Blockchain and good contract expertise are opening up a new period of gaming by giving players likelihood to earn recreation token by collaborating in games.The sports token can be utilized for buying game money for any recreation that players wish to play or purchase recreation objects. This can make players much more engaged and bring more fun to gaming expertise!
Yumerium is gaming platform that players can earn token by play, review and share the games that they love.

If we are honest, the online gaming platforms are the ideal ground for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to thrive. After all, it stops any issues connected to exchanging money as they can use a central currency without exchange rates while there is a general acceptance that those that are involved in that kind of market are already up to date with the latest advances in general technology.

As we said, the new blockchain based project is a gaming platform but there are various rather specific points to make about what they are offering to individuals that sign up to their platform. In fact, they state that individuals are able to earn tokens by not only playing games, but also reviewing them for the platform and also sharing the games that they simply love to play with others that are all part of the network.

They aim to encourage developers to bring their games onto the platform with them then being allocated space on what they refer to as the ‘seeding fund’ whereby tokens are used as an incentive to bring new gamers onto the network. The gamers then get their own rewards by spreading news about the game to others, so the hope is that developers will see the potential for exponential growth in what is a very controlled manner.

Current cost solutions built by a centralized group that owns full management of the transaction have vital limitations in supporting correct worth trade in video games.

Excessive transaction charge
Delayed cost
International switch charge
Lack of multi-party cost possibility
Lack of micro-transaction help
Lack of information transparency
These points restrict the right switch of worth created by players and hinder broader consumer participation that might add extra worth to the sports neighborhood.

It’s no secret that onerous earned recreation objects have been buying and selling on third occasion recreation merchandise buying and selling websites like Itembayin Korea for actual cash which is the proof of the intrinsic worth of the hard-earned recreation objects. However many players are uncovered to frauds when utilizing the third occasion merchandise buying and selling websites due to lack of correct security and safety measure in place. Outdoors recreation merchandise buying and selling, there isn’t any different manner for players to appreciate the right worth of the objects or switch the earned worth to a different recreation for an additional leisure.

Though the white-paper is attractive and engaging, and offers a good overview of the market opportunity and Yumerium’s proposed solution, it is a little light on detail. More detail-minded investors may find themselves wishing that there was a deeper explanation on how the company proposes to implement the technical side of its plans.

To understand the Yumerium proposition it is necessary to look briefly at the development of the gaming experience. The last decade has seen a movement from “pay-to-pay” games to “free-to-play”. Yumerium hope to further this evolution and introduce “earn-to-play” gaming.

Pay-to-play games entail up front payment before a user can play the game.
Free-to-play games do not require advance payment before starting the game, but users often have to pay to advance within the game experience.

Yumerium founder Jikhan Jung also founded GalaNet, an online gaming portal which, according to the white paper, “ran the first free-to-play game publisher gPotato in US.” Now Jung, through Yumerium, plans on the leading the next step in game development: earn-to-play. Under this model users can pay or earn money during and after playing the game.

From a financial perspective, there is a considerable amount of information out there surrounding the ICO that ultimately provides us with a better insight into the potential of the company. However, we first of all need to say that people in both the United States and China are barred from taking part in the ICO, this is the same for most token sales at the moment due to regulations.

That being said, they have noted that they are able to accept not only ETH, but also BTC and fiat currencies for the ICO. Also, there is a hard cap in place of 500,000,000 YUM which accounts for 50% of the total number of tokens that are going to be minted for this project. They do also have bonuses in place for the ICO, with it following normal lines of diminishing over time, so you need to get in early to make the best of it.

During the ICO, they have also stated that there will be an exchange price of 1 YUM equating to $0.1, which gives you an idea of what they are hoping to achieve through this funding section.

Conclusion About Yumerium and the ICO
The difficulty that the people behind the platform are going to have is all to do with their ability to draw in developers onto their platform at the outset. Yes, the seeding fund is going to help and may be able to sway the mind of some of those that are concerned about its future, but they still need to seal the deal and get them on-board.

Of course, using the players to spread the news about the games will work well as it follows a tried and trusted method that pretty much guarantees you getting results, so there should be no issue in that respect.

The good thing about the ICO is that there doesn’t appear to be any mention of a minimum investment figure, so you can just dip your toe in the water if you are not fully convinced about the potential. However, just think about the size of the gaming market and what could happen if they were able to get even just a small percentage of the market because that could have a huge impact on the value of the company and the token at large. If that sounds promising, then you probably have nothing to lose with the ICO.

Compared to many wildly-ambitious ICO projects, the Yumerium proposition is rather modest. Half of funds raised are earmarked for game development, and the team acknowledges that at each stage of development the platform will need to be stress-tested by users before the next phase is possible. The roadmap also refuses to look any further down the line than one calendar year, which is a prudent approach for such a rapidly changing industry.

The technical problems of the project seem by no means seem insurmountable for a team with this amount of experience. That leaves the ability to capture a market as the main determiner of Yumerium’s success. The parent company’s existing audience and customer base, as well as the funds set aside for community building, should give the ICO a good chance of building up a critical mass of initial users.

Website: http://www.yumerium.com/tokensales
ANNThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3272290.new#new
Whitepaper: http://www.yumerium.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/H5o7EE7ncnHvSXJJYWSLYg

BTT profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1511553
ETH: 0x13B1841A0C3578bcb8f12Af42a3395Cde886d2C4

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