"Streamity" ICO LIVE.

Good afternoon, dear readers and subscribers of my Golos blog! Today is a good news day! I want to tell you about the STREAMITY project, which in no way will not leave you indifferent. So get comfortable in your chairs and listen! Undoubtedly, over time, the popularity of bitcoins and other crypto-money continues to grow rapidly and very quickly. The size of transactions, the number of traders, deposits, naturally, grow in parallel with the popularity of crypt funds.
Cryptoresources are equipped with a more exposed appearance in recent days, for example, as traders of moneymaking units, which are considered to be a safe transition between the real and how agile they will create. In this respect, there are conclusions. The most well-known are the well-known centralized cryptographic resource websites and debit cards that support cryptic means. Here are the defects of these cheap conclusions:

  • Pretty high commission and transaction fees
  • Vulnerability and permeability of the security system
  • Very low process speed
  • Not entirely welcome by law
  • Strict and meaningless transaction rations
    Actually, what is Streamity?
    As we all know, the legality and status of cryptic means are still not quite clear in a multitude of states. For this reason, almost all familiar crypto-exchange exchanges do not fully understand active laws and take appropriate measures. For this reason, every time there is a risk of trading on the central exchanges taking place.

    Streamity plan is considered an effective conclusion for the destruction of this risk. The "Flows" plan will provide a decentralized platform for the P2P stock exchange based on blockbuster technologies and mental contracts for cryptanormalormal transitions. All operations will be involved in the work of any transport means or even without the organizations that implement the area. It's intriguing, is not it?
    StreamDesk Service
    Streamity is a team of streamdes on Bitcoin, with cryptographic currency units like Etherea or litecon between miscellaneous currencies, these like US bucks or the euro was created in order to arrange a transfer without any intermediaries. In this way, all users will be protected from fraudulent actions with the support of smart contracts.
    Streamity destruction of all 3 individuals and another central body that allocates to users those who keep the work of all operations under control.

    StreamDesk is a comfortable application for making trade transactions in one mental application. StreamDesk certainly guarantees the highest security and permeability for its users, using Blokzinciri and Smart Contract Technologies.
    Outstanding qualities of Streamity
  • It completely permits the cultivation of all agents and 3 persons more quickly and with the least expense.
  • He responsibly takes control of all processes from the central systems and gives them to users.
  • Undoubtedly for fresh and skilful people, the means of means is the most simple and frisky method to turn it into real money.
  • Ensures complete security and efficiency at the highest level.
    "It's great for most crypt products on the market."
  • He undoubtedly offers technical assistance for users in the direction of 7 days and 20 4 hours.
  • Not only the stock exchange, but also announcements, analytical, educational and investment resources.
    Information on sales of tokens
    STM marker is considered the main building block of the Streamity plan. Users may need an STM token in order to use streaming offerings.
    The jets are based on the tokenic ether and are manufactured in accordance with the stereotype of the ERC20 marker. It has the ability to be stored in any electrical purse that supports the ERC20 tokens.

    186 million stream tokens will be delivered in joint difficulty. During the implementation of the tokens, the STM rate will be 1 STM = 0.2 USD. The previous resale of STM tokens will begin on January 22, 2018 and will last 1 week. After that they will be implemented in 2 steps. The 1st period will be held on March 12, 2018, and the 2nd period will be held on April 16, 2018. Any 2 weeks. Crypto money (BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC) and fiat (USD, EUR) will be accepted as a method of payment for the token resale.
  • https://streamity.org/
  • Whitepaper


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