"Connectius" SaaS-solution for existing e-commerce and digital marketplaces based on blockchain technology. ICO LIVE.

At Connectius, the cost of all goods and services will be displayed in Dollar equivalent. The system accepts payments at a high speed, since the servers running on this platform have a tremendous speed of data processing. Data processing includes not only your personal information, but also the processing of your payment and provision of services. The system accepts payments not only in dollars but also in CNT tokens. In the near future, the team wants to make the exchange of other cryptic goods in this service, so that you can pay any ciphers worthy of you. But the payment made will not be the coin itself, but it will be exchanged for dollars, or tokens on the current course platform. Even now, when you pay in dollars, the system still translates them into tokens, and only then the service is paid. It would seem that so many processes occur during payment, but in reality it takes no more than 5 minutes.
Currency conversion and payment acceptance occur automatically in the program itself, that is, a person does not participate in these actions. After payment, you must save this transaction as a check that you can use if the payment has not been received. Then you will turn to support with this question, and already experts from this session will search your payment. But such cases are very small, if a couple of times a month and there is something scary. As Connectius works with online stores, the currents are returned to the store, or rather to its owner. Then the user who received these currents can save them, or in a special program to exchange them for any of the presented crypto foreign currency.

If you choose a payment in dollars, then it will be less profitable, since the interest is added to the transaction and the commission for converting the currency into a CNT token. The company recommends direct payment for CNT services, because in this case you will feel the full advantage of using our platform. This payment method is the most effective and, by the standards of our sales, the most popular at this time.
At the moment, the company can not offer to convert the encrypted currency into the right currency, as document sharing has not been confirmed on the Connectius platform. This whole process is regulated by special government agencies that specialize in online stores and currency exchanges, namely, they authorize the use of the currency exchange service. It is also documented that this platform implements the exchange script in the payment system. For this, the company conducts various negotiations and collects the documents they need.

The Connectius platform operates according to ICO standards, so we reviewed the cost of services of other similar companies, and concluded that there is simply no lower price for this range of services in the ICO market.

The company makes the user the most widely available range of services to be at users altitude. Everything is done in the special framework of economic relations in the buyer's side and services. It is this platform that guarantees the security of your payment and your operations. Do not forget about protecting your online store, which will be under a reliable security system. With this data service, you will forget about the withdrawal of funds and the loss of personal data. The project just happened in the future, and now it shares its new technologies with all the desirable users. There is simply no way for competitors, because only one platform in the market for providing verification services and identity can be at a height. It is this service that allows you to protect your personal data and money. Therefore, we recommend starting now, as the number of tokens is limited. In total 31 million tokens will be released, half of which has already successfully acquired potential users. Do not miss your chance, make your Internet business safer!


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