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Every day is a new discovery in various spheres of our life. The modern standard of living and the achievement of high technologies provide great opportunities for the development of a wide variety of industries. Today we are talking about a very interesting topic, namely the global market for local data. To date, companies spend a huge amount of resources on the acquisition of IoT-data. DataBroker DAO will increase the value of using IoT sensors. Owners will be able to profit for the information provided, and entrepreneurs and organizations will be able to purchase this data on a distributed trading floor.

Belgian developers have created a platform that will allow buying and selling data of IoT-devices. This makes it possible to monetize their costs. You can test the beta version of the project right now on the company's official website. This is the first market in the world that implements IoT data.

IoT-data is information obtained directly by machine from the Internet of things. In 2017, the number of devices connected to the Internet, according to Statista, exceeded 20 billion units. By 2020, they will be about 50 billion, suggests Cisco. The Internet of things is not only an executive refrigerator, which itself orders the owner's favorite food, or an obliging teapot that boils water on demand from the smartphone. These are smart sensors in the fields, drones with cameras, thanks to which you can remotely monitor the condition of soils, these are sensors in public transport and uniform systems for monitoring the city's life. In other words, in a few years the world around us will become the Internet of things.

This decentralized platform has information from IoT sensors and its work is closely related to the implementation of the blocking protocol. Databroker DAO enables owners of such sensors to realize earnings with the help of the received data, which in the end are converted into profits.

The platform is able to use smart contracts in the global market for IoT-data in the Ethereum network. Sensor owners will place data in the block for sale through operators (provided they are holders of DTX platform tokens). Buyers will be able to purchase the data they need and will access them using the main payment unit of the ecosystem - the DTX token.

Next, the operator will run its own block on the Ethereum network and dAPI DataBroker DAO with the source code. All data generated in this process will be sent to the dAPI, which will check the status of the acquisition of data access, and is also responsible for sending the received data to the buyer.

For each such successful transaction, the operator receives 10% of each amount in DTX tokens. The platform also earns 10%, but the bulk belongs to the owner of the sensor, which receives 80% of total revenue.

City research centers have large volumes of different data and now they will have the opportunity to monetize them. Also, research centers get access to all kinds of data around the world, when large amounts of money could go to carry out similar independent studies. At the same time, utilities can offer better services, identifying and, eventually, eliminating the identified problems.

The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest possible time and I hope they succeed.
Matthew van Nierkerk is co-founder and CEO, the founder of several successful companies, for example SettleMint.
Roderick van der Veer is co-founder, responsible for developing new services and optimizing productivity, the founder of a major Belgian e-commerce site.
Frank Van Gertuden - marketing director, experience in advertising and communications for more than 20 years.
The team also has a number of other specialists - analysts, block architects, project managers, engineers.

The basis of the DataBroker DAO is the DTX token. The sale of tokens takes place from April 26 to May 26.
Ticker: DTX
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 DTX = 0.18 USD (0.00025 ETH)
Fundraising Goal: 19,300,000 USD (27,000 ETH)
Sold on pre-sale: 50% BONUS
Total Tokens: 225,000,000

Of course, digital data is gaining immense popularity. Thanks to the block technology, we can use this data much easier, faster and more efficiently. Databroker DAO creates a huge global market for local data. This, in turn, develops and moves us forward. Soon we will reach an entirely new level of development, but for now let's make our world better together.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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