"Global Risk Exchange Foundation" World’s first blockchain based risk exchange marketplace. ICO LIVE.

Modern investment market does not forgive mistakes. Even a person far from the financial sector knows this. To successfully participate in it requires a large amount of financial resources, which is inaccessible to ordinary inhabitants.

In the world of cryptocurrency, the situation is the same. If you invest your hard-earned funds in a fraudulent ICO, then the likelihood of losing your finances will be extremely high. Many start-up crypto investors have already burned on such schemes. Therefore, it is not recommended to invest the whole amount in such directions. This is necessary in order not to lose all the capital in its entirety.

However, this does not always happen. Some lucky crypto investors managed to buy Bitcoin when his course was at an early stage of development. Now many of them are dollar millionaires.

From all this we can conclude that there are no investments that could guarantee a profit. The investment market dictates its conditions, creating a demand for investment insurance, which will be available to every person. The GRE project wants to solve this problem by providing users with a digital investment platform. In its territory there will be no place for scammers, scammers, financial pyramids, etc.

GRE developers are taking action to create a decentralized platform for blocking technologies. This exchange will not depend on third-party centralized sites. It will carry out risk trading, which takes one of the parties. The main feature of GRE is that any user can become a participant regardless of the financial situation. This will allow novice investors to put together the first capital. However, the main partners of the digital platform will be organizations that work in the insurance industry. At the GRE exchange, insurance operations will be conducted, as well as derivative contracts.
Who is the GRE project for?
The following groups of people will interact on the digital platform:

  • Insurance agents;
  • Programmers who specialize in creating digital contracts;
  • Consumers of insurance services.
    From this we can conclude that each group will receive reliable and multifunctional tools that allow rationally manage insurance risks. It is worth noting that equality between physical and legal persons will prevail. Unfortunately, in the modern insurance sector the situation is different, where the situation is controlled by companies, organizations, etc.

Advantages of GRE startup
This development has the following advantages, allowing it to compete with industry leaders:

  • Low threshold of entry to the insurance market. This will allow any person to start his investment activity in a real insurance market;
  • Protection of users from intruders. The personal data of the participants are distributed in a decentralized register, which excludes the possibility of the leakage of personal information;
  • Transparency of operations inside the system. This is possible thanks to the technologies of blockchain and smart contracts;

The possibility of dividing the insurance environment into two stages. At the initial stage, the initial processing of the insurance request takes place, where the risks are more palpable. At the secondary stage it is possible to redeem the service in an absolutely safe mode.
It is worth noting that in the insurance market for the year 2017, financial transactions amounting to $ 4.8 trillion were counted. In 2018, transactions will be carried out even more, which will increase the financial turnover in this ecosystem.

Financial transactions inside this digital exchange will be conducted using tokens called RISK. The system will charge a small commission from the participants, which will be repaid using the local currency of the site. In simple terms, the RISK token is an intermediary, which assumes responsibility for the compliance of all parties to the contract.

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