The first mention of the technology of blockchain occurred in 2009. At first it was recognized gold, which was used by only a few. This was facilitated by the technical complexity of execution, the slowness of operations and other reasons. But in the field of information technology, the development of ideas takes place with staggering speed. Naturally, this also affected bitcoin. For a few years, a little-known idea turned into the main opponent of not only the financial sphere, but the whole system of organization of large applications that existed up to this point. And since then, when in this environment began to spin a lot of money, a real boom began. Projects based on a crypto novelty began to appear more and more often. Over time, questions were raised regarding the speed of the technology, more comfortable use by ordinary users, providing higher security, but there still remains an unrealized gap in all these components, which can be filled with a number of innovations. This is what LocalCoinSwap is doing.

LocalCoinSwap is a platform for the trade in cryptro sources. Developers from the very start took a course to meet their users and listen carefully to feedback from them. This was the reason for the emergence of all those concepts on which the platform was built. The "whales" on which it stands are: a high level of user-friendliness, fast transactional transfers, and increased security. Do not think that this is a full list of advantages, but it is these factors that all potential users pay close attention to, and if any of them do not suit them, then most likely they will leave this project without attention.

If you pay attention to other advantages, then one of the first ones worth mentioning is the absence of third parties in operations. Trade without intermediaries allows you to achieve the highest level of profitability, and a decentralized structure ensures that data can not be stolen from servers.

Do not mistakenly believe that LocalCoinSwap is the first of its kind. Before him, there were many projects that wanted to completely conquer this niche. But its key advantage for customers is the lack of costs for brokers, the widest choice of currencies, than its predecessors could not boast. It should also be taken into account that the project has all chances to take a monopoly position in the market, and in addition to that, according to the white sheet on the official website, that the project's tokens are also its shares. It is not difficult to understand what benefits their holder will receive. Among other things, they will also have the right to participate in the development of the company through their voice.

It is not difficult to enumerate all the stages of user interaction with the site in order to demonstrate all the ease of use:

  • To enter the private office, you need to pass a simple registration, which does not take much time and there will be no need for additional procedures;
  • Making a choice is somewhat more complicated. But this is not due to errors in the implementation of user interfaces, but from a wide choice of all possible options, so that customers can find the best deal for themselves;
  • To participate in the trade, you need to choose the desired method of making payments and you can already start the trade itself;
  • LocalCoinSwap documentation clearly states that it is the guarantor and strictly observes the rights of its users. So do not worry about possible fraud on the part of others and other threats to security transactions;
  • After the payment is received in the system, the buyer receives an equivalent amount of cryptocurrency, after which the transaction ends.

If we compile a brief list of the problems that are present in the previous centralized and decentralized exchanges, which the platform seeks to solve in the course of its activities, the following list will be obtained:

  • Artificial limit for registrations of new users or compulsory procedure for passing the verification procedure in full format, in case the client wishes to carry out trade operations without any restrictions;
  • Depending on the geographical location in which the exchange was registered, the rules of conduct may vary widely;
  • All stock exchanges executed in a decentralized structure were not fully autonomous;
  • Exchanges with a decentralized organization were not convenient to use for people who sell little-known types of currencies;
  • All exchanges implemented to date, did not share their profits with their users.

    It is on the solution of these and many other problems in this area that the activities of the platform will be directed.
    To obtain a solid foundation under your feet, all the block projects must have their own stable token, and after that successfully pass the ICO. In LocalCoinSwap, the token is called LCS. A total of 100 million will be issued, and 70 percent will be allocated for sale. The price for one token is set at 0.4 USD. The entire course of the ICO will be divided into two stages: the pre-sale and the main stage.

The minimum amount raised, the funds for which the team expects, developers is 500 thousand dollars. As for the maximum possible amount, it is equal to 20 million dollars.
I believe that the project is quite promising, since the crypto currency is more and more interesting for all people, and many newcomers are already trying to trade on various exchanges, so the platform can certainly find its target customer.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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