"LocalCoinSwap" The Community-Owned P2P Exchange. ICO LIVE.

Cryptocurrency world has acquired another "replenishment" - it`s LocalCoinSwap project. The main goal of the platform is to ensure the security and simplicity of crypto-mutual relations. That is, buyers and sellers of crypts, from now on will be able to interact and meet directly.

Project will allow investors to exchange tokens with each other on mutually beneficial terms, in an absolutely safe and secure environment that operates according to the principles of P2P equality. In addition, the developers promise to surprise with a large number of advantages and opportunities in the service.

Subtleties of the project
The creators plan to make the platform a decentralized full-fledged market, where crypto-trade will be conducted directly using absolutely any form of payment. The main goal is to ensure the speed, safety and ease of trading without lengthy transaction and verification expectations, as well as on the terms of P2P.

Sale on LocalCoinSwap will be realized by any method and any currency that will equally suit both the buyer and the seller. In addition, direct and rapid exchange will take effect, that is, there will be no extra expectations and checks. The platform is equipped with an escrow system designed for performing online transactions.

Developers promise to combine in their "brainchild" a high degree of security and a wide currency range. It is also planned to exclude any restrictions related directly to the crypto-currency trade. The platform is under 100% protection, therefore any fraudulent actions are excluded.

Purchased funds will be available to the buyer only after payment is made and received by the service. Until then, they will be stored in a specially created repository. It is planned to launch digital specialized tokens Cryptoshares, the main purpose of which is to distribute the revenue generated by the platform activity.

Owners of such funds will automatically receive the following benefits:

  • Profits from dividends;
  • Full access to revenues from the entire portfolio of assets;
  • Taking part in the voting system, that is, becoming system coordinators of voice evaluations;
  • Will be able to use new ICO-projects, gaining access to updated listings and coins.

As for payment methods, at the moment they are:

  • In cash;
  • International and bank transfers;
  • Exchange or transfer of funds;
  • Wired operations;
  • PayPal.

Each form of payment is carefully controlled by the availability of escrow principles. In addition, in the future, developers promise to add several more options, selected through universal suffrage.

The platform will release 100,000,000 coins with an LCS ticker. Some of them, namely 70 000 000, will be realized during the initial and main trade round. The remaining currency is distributed as follows:

  • 10% - will go to the development team;
  • 10% - will go to the venture fund;
  • 5% - replenish the income of the bounty campaign fund;
  • 5% - will become the property of a special font created for users taking an active part in improving the security of the platform.

Onitial value of the token starts from LCS - 0.0004 ETH or 2500 LCS per 1 ETH. At the moment, the minimum investment figure (sofcap) is $ 500,000. Hardcap is $ 20,000,000.

You can buy tokens for such currencies:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litetcoin;
  • Dash;
  • U.S. dollar;
  • Euro;
  • Pound sterling;
  • Canadian dollar;
  • New Zealand Dollar;
  • Austrian dollar, etc.

An important advantage of the project is the availability of source code, as well as the fact that the implementation of the toksail is controlled by smart smart contracts.

Platform is created by the best qualified specialists with invaluable knowledge and many years of experience in the field of trade, analytics, investment, engineering, system administration, software, marketing and design.


Telegram https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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