"Mark.Space" The combination of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. ICO LIVE.

With the advent of computer technology and the Internet, our lives have changed dramatically. At the very beginning of its birth, no one expected the Internet to reach such a huge scale. Already, the Internet is not perceived as entertainment - it's a modern trend that extends to all areas of our lives. Almost every person who has reached adulthood has his own page in social networks (and even a few), every modern company has its own email address, people are increasingly making purchases in online stores ... From all this we can conclude - the Internet actively takes root in our lives, online commerce is gaining momentum.

The next boom was the virtual reality (VR), which in recent years is showing increasing interest from various technology companies. VR is an incredibly powerful technology that gives us unlimited possibilities. The given market while only in a stage of origin, but, I am assured - it becomes the integral part of our future life about which now we can only dream.

The symbiosis of these two technologies will give our World previously unprecedented opportunities and the project Mark.Space intends to develop and actively introduce this idea everywhere.

Mark.Space - the world's first block-platform, capable of creating three-dimensional and virtual objects and spaces (units) or any alternative reality without special expensive equipment and for short terms. To work in the platform, you do not need to install special applications - just any device (computer, tablet, smartphone ...) and the browser.

Let's look at the prototype of the platform, which is located at: http://demo.mark.space

Each unit is a separate virtual space, which can be issued at its discretion (furnish furniture, appliances and other interior details) or you can choose the one you like from the presented collection of templates of different rooms.

Newly created units expand the platform, forming areas and entire cities and in aggregate are the great universe of Mark.Space, which is limited only by our imagination.

Mark.Space is an open source platform with its own internal crypto currency - the MRK token. Tokens can pay for purchases of goods and spaces in virtual reality, sell objects, pay salaries and use various other services on this platform. Everything is absolutely the same as in real life - only in the browser of your device. The main idea of

the project is to make virtual reality accessible and use it to create a world as close as possible to the real. Thanks to the platform, you can travel around the World without leaving your home, visit any places that are even thousands of kilometers away from you.

The current version of the platform includes the following four areas:

"Residences" - allows you to create your own individual interior of your space or upload a digitized model of your real apartment and collect all your friends and friends from all over the world at home.

"Business" any company or individual specialist who provides online services often do not have a real office. Now you can visualize it on the Mark.Space platform and invite potential customers there.

"Communities" are areas for people with similar interests. For example, you can create space (a room, a house, or even a whole district), and dedicate it to your favorite hobby, for example, football. Or your favorite football team, rock band, TV series.

"Shopping" - this area to me, as the girl really liked! Virtual shopping inside the Mark.Space platform and any other online store is not the same.


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