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Nowadays, decentralized finance is one of the forms of existence of monetary relations, as well as a form of promotion of money capital funds that are formed at the level of various kinds of enterprises, companies, firms and other forms of economic activity, households and individuals. The finances of the decentralized type include monetary funds formed outside the state and municipal sectors.

In addition, everyone understands that decentralized finance acts as the foundation of any financial system, since it is in it that most public finances are created.

Notion of decentralized finance is based on definitions such as enterprise finance, household finances and organizations' finances.

Capital of enterprises includes the finance not only of industrial or production enterprises, but also the finances of financial sector enterprises, such as banks, insurance and leasing companies, etc.

But often it is quite problematic to understand all these nuances, especially if it is a private household or a small business. And just to help solve the arising problems and give answers to all questions concerning the company's finances, the project Merculet was developed.

Developers of this platform created a distributed line of Value Attention. It aims to unite all sides of supply and demand with a set of open protocols to create opportunities for a fair distribution of the Internet.

Value Attention line consists of the following components:
• Principle of assessing the importance of the client.
• Customer token.
• A platform that provides access to direct content.

Also, the Merculet project itself has a number of significant advantages that its customers receive. The most important point in this situation is that the platform provides users with absolute resolution that helps businessmen generate unique UAT user tokens, considered to be marked tokens for any legal entity. Thus, UAT will be the link between the main MVP project token and various rates. This all together provides a synergy of prices and a mutual exchange of markers between businessmen.

If you look at the situation with the appearance of the Merculet project, you can see that it was created to optimize the interaction between the user and the company in a way that is equally beneficial to both parties. The platform provides everything necessary to make the Internet such a network that can guarantee real value to each of its users.

In order to be able to become an international center of business concentration, the developers of the platform use the technology of the block chain in conjunction with the client's attention evaluation system (expressed in the form of UAT tokens). Thanks to the latter, the users' attention will be paid by additional tokens.

At a time when a network member turns his attention to one or another information, companies evaluate this attention and turn it into a part of the chain to form the value of the company. For this, in a consequence, users receive a reward.

So it turns out that many years of user contribution to the development of an Internet resource will be recognized and adequately paid for. This process will provide an opportunity to bring together Internet users and businessmen, which will then lead to the successful development of this or that company.

Merculet can uniquely change the flow of information in the network around the world, which leads many developing companies to realize the enormous growth opportunities.

In fact, the platform is an innovative solution, not only taking into account the user's attention, but, importantly, allowing it to be evaluated financially.

As mentioned above, the main task of Merculet is the creation of an Attention Value Network, which will use the set of open protocols to attract demand and provide companies with the necessary attention.

Through the formation of a positive feedback ecosystem with a framework in the form of internal digital content, the project will promote the development of companies' business. And in the future, users can also get additional financial support, due to the time they spent and paid attention. Companies, in turn, will be able to obtain more accurate information for the possibility of implementing their strategies in business.

As for the main protocols that are part of the Merculet project, they are the following:
• ATP protocol. Serves to help the system to digitize user activity and evaluate their attention.
• ARP protocol. Provides financial incentives for attention includes a list of subprotocols involved in the development of rules for the implementation of procedures; the product of calculations; distribution of capital and reporting.
• UCP-protocol. This is a universal content protocol, which also contains additional subprotocols responsible for billing.
• UIP protocol. It connects ID-services, which are responsible for the distribution of content, customers, users, businessmen and other entities.

As it became clear from the above information, two types of tokens will appear in the Merculet system: user attention tokens UAT and the main tokens of the MVP project. The total volume of the latest tokens is fixed and amounts to 10 billion units.

ICO will be held in two stages: closed bidding and open sales. At the first stage, the exchange rate will be 1 ETH = 105,000 MVP, plus an additional bonus of 20%. At the second stage - 1 ETH = 87,500 MVP.

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