Hello dear frinds and guests of my Golos blog. In this article i wanna tell you about Movieschain by tvzavr.
If you are a true cinematographer, then you know very well how difficult it is to choose a really good film. Sometimes it takes hours and even happens that you do not find for yourself something really worthy. Beginners in this regard are easier, there are old movies that have already become just "classics." But what about us, moviegoers with experience, because now the film industry is bogged down in monotony and boredom? To our happiness, there is already a project that will offer us only the best movie. This is the project Movieschain.

As already mentioned above, today it is very difficult to choose a really worthy film or series. But why, why so? Why all the work is monotonous and uninteresting. And it's very simple, dear friends. The fact is that like any product, a movie or series needs advertising and it's on it that huge money is spent. After that, we get good advertising, an interesting trailer, waiting debts and often a complete disappointment with the monotony and boringness of the film or the series. The film industry brings very significant revenues, for example, in 2017, its revenue was more than two trillion US dollars. Just imagine what kind of money it is. Accordingly, where the big money is there and the big film studios that "pull the strap" and dictate the rules. Virtually no one creates something new. Stupid comedies, no less stupid horory, banal and predictable stories, 100500 parts of the already annoying movie. But where is the new one? Where is the interesting one? Where is not predictable? When the first season of the "Game of Thrones" came out, it was like a breath of fresh air for me. Complete unpredictability, intrigue, extravaganza. And to this day I'm waiting for a new season, knowing that this is really a worthy thing. After all, they can shoot, they may be interested. And all the "salt" is that such films and series are simply pushed aside, give them bad ratings, take them away from our eyes. Fortunately, I found a project that really pleased me. This is another breath of fresh air, to which I place great hopes!

Movieschain is a unique project that promises to turn over the understanding of the film industry and allow really good films to be released. The main goal of the company is to create a distribution for the content of the film industry. Now any of the little-known, but worthy filmmakers will receive a decent payment for their work. This project is beneficial not only to ordinary users, but also to the creators of films and serials. The project is based on blockade technology and is decentralized, which makes it convenient to use, safe, and unique in its kind. Due to these factors, you get access to the platform from virtually anywhere on the planet earth where there is Internet. This is a completely new understanding and assessment of the content of the film industry. Independent assessments, equality, which allows films from small film studios to receive worthy attention. Movieschain is already an experienced company, which began its existence in 2009. The following year (2010), the company will receive sufficient funds for its development, namely 15 million, and immediately goes public on Smart TV. On this, their development does not stop and in 2017, they represent an indicator of visits to their platform of 30 million users a month. Roughly speaking, in an average of one day, the platform is visited by a million people. In the same year, the company earned 10 million. And that is not all. This year, and maybe even right now, the company concludes a number of contracts, which indicates the colossal success of the company.

Here, I want to bring you a number of innovations and unique ideas from Movieschain, which make the project the most promising of all available at the moment.

Development of small cinematography;
The bottom line is, as you have already understood from the above, that for today, small cinema is very lacking in attention and, accordingly, the opportunity of that or other film director to present his work and get a decent estimate for it is lost.

Ease of use;
On the platform Movieschain created its own token (ZVR), through which all transactions will pass. Convenience is that this currency will pay users for the movie content and it will also receive a film director, for his "brainchild". And if the currency is one, then there will not be a difference in the rates at which you will lose money, there will be no long-term expectations until payment is made. Everything is clear and fast. Also tokens open up to you any opportunities on the sites tvzavr.ru and ruskino.net

Content Cost;
The cost of content will be maximally accessible. In comparison with other similar platforms, Movieschain offers the most affordable price for video content.

An honest evaluation;
After viewing the chosen movie or series, you can leave a rating and comment. Thus, the content will be evaluated by such users as you and me, and will not get scaled estimates, as it is implemented in the present time. Accordingly, this will give the most honest assessment, which you can then rely on when choosing a film content.

Due to the fact that the platform is based on blocking technology, it will be as safe as possible. All of your tokens that will be on your balance sheet will be completely safe. All hacking is excluded and your data is completely secure.

As you managed to notice, the project team Movieschain does not think to stand still. All its participants are aimed only at success, and success is already visible. Such indicators as in Movieschain, can not boast of any such kind of platform.

Company token name: ZVR
Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

The key to the success of the project is not only money and a good idea. For success, you will also need to implement it, which will be reasonably spent money. For this purpose, an experienced team was assembled, which is engaged in the promotion and improvement of the project. We selected only the best specialists in WEB-design, programming and many other areas, which every day bring this project to a new level. The photo below shows the project team Movieschain.

Taking into account the very idea, competent team, partners and investors, I want to say with good conscience that this project is really doomed to success. When I conducted his analysis, I decided to google his ratings and ratings. And you know what I saw? 1 place in the top 10 best projects of 2018 in the second quarter. If you are interested in the project as well as me, you can support it by buying a token on the company's official website. Thank you, for your attention, always make only the right choice. As always, all the references to the project are slightly lower.

 Author diimazavr  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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