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Hello dear friends, subscribers and guests, this is my next review of the most promising ICO projects. Today I would like to talk about such an interesting project as MOZO.

In the modern world, retail trade is an increasingly complex business, in which serious competition is concentrated. New stores are forced to wage a heavy struggle for customers, their popularity and sale of goods - a struggle for survival. And with the widespread emergence of e-commerce, the problem has become even more aggravated. The popularity of online stores is growing exponentially, and with it in the same volume, there is a transfusion of customers from physically located outlets into a more attractive Internet network.

Break through the growing competition, standing out among other things, even better products or lower prices - a rather difficult and ungrateful task. To do this, it is necessary to approach the problem from a completely different angle and apply a fresh approach that gives a new perspective.

This is exactly what the MOZO project is doing, becoming a pioneer in its business and providing a new and unusual solution for retailers.

Mozo represents a platform for blockchain, designed to attract new customers to retail stores around the world. With the help of Mozo, stores will be able to increase their positions in the market, attract active customers, increase sales growth and thereby increase profits, and significantly increase the loyalty level of the target audience. Globally, Mozo can radically change the very notion of retail trade and affect the patterns of the formation and functioning of this type of business.

In more detail - Mozo has developed an entire ecosystem based on blockchain technology, the main purpose of which is to help in the creation and development of business and attracting customers in the retail trade. And as a means to achieve these global goals, the project develops a number of tools, the purpose of which is to implement successful advertising companies, conduct beneficial actions for all participating parties of shares and much more.

The platform is developed using smart contracts, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as using tokens for various internal financial transactions, including payment for goods and services. In addition, tokens will be available for profitable exchange on popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

MOZO has already developed a mobile application that includes functions such as convenient search and comparison of offers, provision of shares for found goods, and wireless data transmission technologies. Also, it will introduce popular for the payment of goods, cryptocurrencies. With this application, there is no need to have separate bonus cards for different stores.

MOZO released its own MOZO Token, in the amount of 5 billion units. The overall goal for the time of the ICO is to collect $ 88 million in two tranches, with the number of tokens for sale of $ 700 and $ 550 million and HardCaps of $ 42 million and $ 46 million. The price of the token for the first and second tranche is $ 0.09 and $ 0.12, respectively. At the moment, more than 634 million tokens have been sold.

20% for transactions with more than 50 ETH and 5 BTC
10% for transactions with more than 1 ETH and 0.1 BTC
0% for transactions with more than 0.1 ETH and 0.01 BTC

At the moment, a large number of companies from Asian countries use MOZO project services, agreements are in place with 38,000 Internet sites, large clothing stores, food and computer equipment. In the future, and more specifically by 2021 the number of such outlets is planned to increase to 300,000 worldwide.

In the development of the project, the leading IT specialists of their professional fields participated, links to personal LinkedIn profiles of which you can easily find on the official website of MOZO. And with the founders of the company you can see on the attached image.

Thus, retail outlets using this platform will be able to compete seriously not only with all "physical" competitors, but also with competitors who have transferred their business to the field of e-commerce, and will receive the maximum benefit from cooperation with MOZO.



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