"NTOK" Modern blockchain solution in the field of online education. ICO LIVE.

Recently, online education is gaining more popularity. The most optimal and fruitful interaction between tutors, or in other words - mentors, and students is possible in the presence of a modern IT-site. Tutors develop educational programs and accompany the process of individual education. They act as advisers and assistants to students and students on various issues. It is expected that in the coming years the lion's share of tutorship will pass through the Internet. At the same time, a market will be created that will be estimated at tens of billions of dollars. According to forecasts, such a system of training will become the most common in the study of foreign languages, as well as with additional education.
Developers of the NTOK project https://ntok.io/ plan to create a platform that unites students and tutors in an online environment. The team will solve many issues that arise before this time in the process of online education. The NTOK platform, in addition to tutors and students, will also be of interest to organizations and enterprises involved in various education technologies. The project is aimed at attracting users to the NTOK platform for learning languages, popular subjects. Various courses will also be available, for example, in programming, disciplines for preschool and high school students. The ecosystem will allow you to choose a tutor, or to engage in simultaneous with several mentors. The NTOK platform will retain a commission that is significantly lower in amount than in other commercial schools. This will be one of the attractive factors for users, will involve new students. Interaction on the platform will be implemented using NTOK tokens. Using this monetary unit you can pay for classes, and tutors and organizers will receive payment for their services.

The platform has passed the development stage and will be provided to users to evaluate its functionality. Now she is testing to create a model of interaction with online schools. As an experiment, we communicate with pupils and tutors of the English language school tutor-ninja.com. All their feedback and wishes will be taken into account when developing the NTOK platform. To simplify the payment on the site and increase its availability, the traditional method of calculation will be allowed. But payment in NTOK tokens will be more profitable. Under forecasts with increase in number of users of a platform cost of tokens will grow. The NTOK monetary unit will avoid third parties in the process of training, which means that training will be cheaper.
PRE-sale tokens are now being conducted. In this period, depending on the amount of purchase, you can get bonuses from 10 to 35%. ICO will start on March 1, 2018. The starting price for the ICO period is set at $ 1. Each week the sale of coins the price will increase. 70% of the issued monetary units of NTOK will go on sale. The funds received during the ICO will be used to upgrade the platform, connect to the system of new courses, expand the scope of activities, and cover new countries. Part of the money will be spent on marketing activities. NTOK has developed a development plan for the year 2020. In mid-2018, it is planned to launch a beta version of the platform and begin the first courses. Full functionality of the platform according to the plans of developers will be achieved in 2019.

The NTOK platform will allow students and tutors from different countries to interact. A great distance will not be a hindrance. Teaching videos and high-level audio chats, a variety of interactive methods of submitting material will achieve high results for students and students in the learning process. For ease of use on the site, it will be possible to create study schedules. The choice of a teacher or mentor will facilitate the rating system, which will fully convey information about the experience and quality of their work. The feedback of each particular student will be unchanged, thanks to the technology of blockchain. This will create an honest picture of the teachers' rating. The NTOK team consists of specialists who have extensive experience in the field of online learning. This will create a platform with great opportunities and perspectives. Developers will do everything possible to make blockchain technology popular among students and teachers.


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