Hello, dear friends and guests of my Golos blog! In this article I will review the new innovative offer in the market of cryptocurrency. The peculiarity of this project is that the opinion of the main number of experts in the field of ICO suggests that the project has real chances for a successful start and further development. Let's see if everything is so radiant with this project. It's about the SKYFchain platform.

As I was able to figure out, SKYFchain is the first, at the moment, platform based on B2R (business robots) blockchain, which can be applied at any scale (be it local, regional or global), and in all sectors of the recently emerged the freight industry. The project originates from cargo transportation on the basis of flying drones. Yes, what we thought yesterday as a ridiculous momasik with the delivery of pizza to the house with the help of a quadrocopter is today becoming reality thanks to this project. And all the actions will take place at the machine level and the person will not have to sit behind the console of each carrier, which, in my opinion, is a great advantage of the platform.

It turns out that a person is completely excluded from the chains of the system. It's great! As it will be embodied in life you can find in the official sources of the project, I understand little about the technical aspects of the project, so I say only in essence.

Also among the advantages of the project can be attributed the fact that the transportation will be made at a significantly high speed, because there is no need to lay roads for drones and big traffic jams, as on congested highways, today does not exist.

This project is actually replete with innovations and advantages in comparison with traditional systems of cargo transportation. For example, financing the production and servicing of unmanned drones is open access (in an open market), i.е. any organization can cooperate with this platform, which will allow not to spend huge funds on costs. Also, the insurance of drones in many countries is carried out under preferential terms, which is also significant.

Blockchain technology is a unique opportunity to set up a working platform for cargo transportation. Everything is explained by the fact that the platform will earn real money on the basis of providing its logistics services and the cost of works will be ranked depending on the complexity and type of transportation. A constantly growing transport market will ensure a stable increase in the value of tokens. But we'll talk about the tokens separately. At first the system will work in the interests of already signed agreements with partners from the oil and gas sector and agriculture.

The SKYFchain platform will release a fixed batch of SKYF tokens, which may be required to perform all kinds of transactions to provide and purchase services in the system. It turns out that any enterprising person can earn, using the provided platform capabilities. The technology of smart contracts will exclude any attempts of fraud and hacking of user wallets.
In total it is planned to issue 1,200,000,000 SKYF tokens by preliminary for ICO cost 1SKYF = 0.063 $ USD. It's time to invest in the project, especially since there is a bonus program for the first investors in the project.

Platform: Ethereum.
Details on the roadmap, the distribution of tokens, the project team can be found on the official sources, which I will provide to you at the end of the article. And also, if you have any questions, you can discuss them with me or ask in media resources (I will also provide links).

Conclusion: SKYFchain is the first project in this direction, therefore it has certain risks, no one knows how the public will react to it. I am also concerned about the security of this platform, because no one knows in advance how the automated system behaves in unforeseen circumstances, whether it be strong wind gusts or other bad weather. As they say: wait and see!

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