"Streamity" Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Get a 10% bonus during the crowdsale❤️ ICO LIVE.

Digital money, electronic goods and services are rapidly breaking into the modern world. Payment in crypto-currencies becomes a progressive and advanced way of calculating for goods and services. The use of crypto-money requires the availability of appropriate sites for the exchange of digital money to fiat and vice versa, as well as for the transfer of some crypto-currencies to others. The most profitable are operations that are conducted without intermediaries. To create such a site, where the interaction will take place directly between people interested in exchanging currencies, the Streamity project team works https://streamity.org/. The developers believe in independence of the crypto-currency from the state bodies and believe that people have the full right to manage their own finances at their own discretion. The basis of the project Streamity is the idea of an honest and profitable exchange crypto-personal individuals.

The main component of the platform is the application StreamDesk. A reliable application will provide instant exchange of basic crypto currency between each other, as well as traditional money. The operations will be fair, transparent and profitable, which will attract a significant number of new users to the site. StreamDesk guarantees the protection of transactions through smart contracts. Another advantageous point of the application will be the possibility of exchanging at a fair price calculated on the basis of prices of major exchanges. The interface, as well as the functions and services of the application will help organically integrate into the world of crypto-investment. Team Streamity is confident that their site has a great chance of success.

The platform's internal currency is the Streamitytoken (STM) token. The cost of one marker for today is set at $ 0.2. The second stage of the ICO will start on April 16, 2018. Take advantage of the chance to get 10% of bonuses when buying tokens during a public sale.


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