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In our time, all working people are concerned about the preservation and enhancement of their savings. All accepted tools may fail. It is not rare to recall licenses from banks, which is why many people are left without their money. There is a lot of other troubles, from which no one is insured. People often find themselves in a desperate situation. In order to somehow remedy the situation, a team of developers from Stanford, Columbia and California universities decided to build their own platform that would solve these issues.

They called their platform TokenUnion. This application has a reliable decentralized structure that pays compensation to the owners of the tokens. It is very important for users that all operations are completely transparent, and their means are reliably protected. The platform fully meets these needs, and also offers a number of innovations, thanks to which the regular use of the application becomes even more convenient.

Traditionally, a whole range of problems have developed in this sphere, which can not be solved by the means adopted. If you shortlist, it is:

  • Redefining the rules in the contract, as a result of which the clients of the organization often remain ignorant and often their money;
  • A person who wants to put a certain amount on savings, faces a choice to whom exactly to entrust their means. Before his eyes there will be dozens of proposals, but the problem lies in the fact that the lion's share of them give false promises, which they can not fulfill;
  • When a client wishes to withdraw his deposit before the deadline specified in the contract, he must pay an additional amount. Plus, hidden types of payments can be assigned;
  • The financial crises of 2009 and 2012 have made it clear that even if all the rules are met, no one is immune from losing a significant share of their savings. Market instability and political volatility pose a great threat to financial well-being.

TokenUnion gives all its users the ability to:

  • Earn tokens and receive rewards. Site customers translate tokens into the holder's contract, after which they can receive awards in a similar denomination. All earned rewards are automatically sent to the user's account;
  • Conduct transaction transactions with other participants, which are made in such a way that all actions are absolutely honest and transparent;
  • Conclude a smart contract to receive interest income.

The platform allows all participants on equal terms to participate in all operations and use all available functions, from the very beginning building up a trusting relationship with each of them. Great equity in making all the decisions was achieved through the abandonment of the old paradigm of the centralized arrangement of large systems. The decision to create a decentralized structure makes it possible to distribute the load to a multitude of nodes, and in the event that some of them prove to be inoperable, this will not affect the overall stability of the entire network.

The whole course of the work is structured as follows:

  • TokenUnion member opens an Ethereum contract with a convenient and easy-to-use special tool in TokenUnion, then lists the required amount of tokens;
  • for the return, the user must transfer the UNI tokens into the concluded contract. Then all the funds are received on his wallet;
  • UNI is spent in the purse and evenly distributed in the chain-link;
  • UNI tokens at the same time are converted into token-supported tokens.

If you make comparisons with a number of other organizations that are similar in their kind of activity, but differ in the nature of the construction of the entire functional component, you can identify a number of advantages inherent in TokenUnion:

  • The team consists of talented programmers. All developed software undergoes a whole complex of checks for fault tolerance and safety in use;
  • to introduce a trusting atmosphere between both parties, the idea was specially invented and implemented in the live mode to track all transactions in the personal account;
  • a purse for storage cryptocurrency is very simple in use and provides set of pleasant functions;
  • The application is fully compatible with the entire line of devices;
  • the organization of fair and fair activities, as well as full openness to its users;
  • Because the project is built with the help of technology blocking, all kinds of hacker attacks and physical damage can not do harm to the system;
  • the entire interface is built with a focus on users, which made it possible to create an intuitive interface for participants of any level of use;
  • High speed of transactions.
  • http://tokenunion.io/
  • Whitepaper

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