"Vestarin" Marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency. ICO LIVE.

Hello my dear friends, guests and subscribers! Today, again, we will discuss a promising project! I try to choose ICO for which I base myself specifically on an independent understanding of the project, and not on the number of plans for soft and hard cap! Therefore, subscribe to my blog, there will be little water, but only weighted and considered articles. And the last time I watched such a project as Vestarin.

ICO began on March 5, 2018,
and will end on April 4, 2018.
The team plans to collect 35,000 ETH.
The rate of the token: 1 ETH = 2000 VST.
So, let's begin! What is Vestarin? If you explain how the product is positioned by the team, then it is a decentralized platform that will apply the technology of smart contracts, as well as blocking. This platform will collect everything that can be attributed to the crypto, for example, various online stores, exchangers, services, portals, news and much more.

Main advantages:

  • learn first about news in the field of the crypto industry;
  • convert currency only to the best exchangers that are formed by reputation;
  • minimum risk when investing in ICO;
  • You can pay with crypto currency for services, shops, entertainment, etc;
  • build a team for the startup;
  • find a team that lacks a specialist like you;
  • communication and transfer of coins in the chat of your own application.
    Also, apart from all these advantages, I want to highlight separately that the platform will be multi-lingual, which means that it is ready to cover as many users as possible who will choose "Vestarin".

Token will be called VST.
It is built on the Ethereum protocol, which allows it to easily integrate with crypto-exchange exchanges, as well as freely transfer from one purse to another.
A total of 70,400,000 tokens are planned to be released. Those tokens that will not be sold out in the pre-ICO and ICO processes will be disposed of.
Bounty Company: 5%
Pre-ICO: 15%
ICO: 67%
Founders: 13%

In general, the system is very interesting and multifunctional, containing a huge number of steep buns.
The platform allows you to integrate your business with various owners of stores, exchangers, services and institutions, where users can pay for goods or services with VST tokens inside the system.
A huge information flow of useful information related to blocking and various technologies, various information portals will be able to post actual news in the system, and this in turn will cover a larger audience of users.
Possibility to get acquainted and evaluate various ICOs, through user discussion and assessment for any of the projects being integrated. For those who invest in projects, this decision will be very useful, since the investor will be able to make a decision based on public opinion on a particular project.
And, of course, the system implements the possibility of finding work for people whose work is related to Blockchain technologies. You can find yourself a person in a team for work, a start-up, choosing from the integrated portfolio of job seekers, or vice versa finding a job your own liking.

Certainly, the project seems very promising because if we assume that after the launch and launch of the platform, the number of users will go up to the level of 10 million, and purchases will be made by about 1 billion US dollars, then at the commission rate of the platform (5%), capitalization will be 50 million US dollars. Holders will feel how the rate of the token will grow, as demand will significantly increase demand.

Website: https://www.vestarin.io/
White Paper: https://www.vestarin.io/en/whitepaper
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2701796.msg27621449#msg27621449
Telegram Group: https://t.me/Vestarin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vestarin


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