Our world is changing quite rapidly and, probably, many of you noticed this. Some ten-fifteen years ago, our ancestors could not think how progress would be. It is impossible to know what awaits us in the future, but one clearly blockchain will enter our life thoroughly. Every day a huge number of specialists work on the development and implementation of this project in various areas of our life. Modern technologies always replace old ones. Confirmation of this is not difficult to find, just look back a few hundred years ago. After all, then the cars were different, and the building materials and way of life.
But the biggest breakthrough in modern evolution is the emergence of the Internet. People have the opportunity, being in different parts of the world, to communicate with each other and not spend a lot of money at the same time. And all thanks to the Internet. With the advent of the Internet, many manufacturers began to expand the range, producing products that support the function of the Internet. And it's great that humanity does not stand still, but constantly develops and makes life easier and more comfortable.
With the introduction of crypto currency into our lives, companies began to appear, whose purpose was to combine the latest Internet technologies and everyday life. Specialists for more than 2 years working on the creation of an international cryptobank - WorldBitBank (WBB), to combine these 2 technologies.

WorldBitBank is a dispersed project, it will allow each person to become part of today's financial market. The main goal of the project is to allow users to pay for services and goods by any cryptocurrency. The introduction of the latest technology of blockchain into the structure of traditional banks will improve their quality. The project is registered taking into account all norms of the legislation of the European Union.
The project is based on 2 technologies: the blockchain technology and mobile. The first technology allows you to organize a reliable and secure system. The second technology will carry out the user's monetary operations online. To do this, created an application for mobile devices called WBB Wallet. And also to its users WorldBitBank will issue a debit card with the Mastercard / VISA payment system, with its help the client will be able to pay for the service or goods with a cryptocurrency.

In life everything will happen elementary. For example, you have a WorldBitBank payment card and you want to pay with it a bill in a restaurant for a romantic dinner with your soul mate. To pay the bill it is enough to draw a card over the payment terminal. Next, the WBB Wallet system receives a request with detailed information about the operation from the VisaNetwork API system. The program WBB Wallet instantly reads all the data on the availability of the right amount of funds in your wallet and about the current rate of the required cryptocurrency. After confirming the request for your smartphone, a notification of the successful operation comes. Agree, it is convenient? In addition, WorldBitBank provides customers with monitoring of funds, a low commission, the highest level of protection, and absolute confidentiality.

For the convenience of the user, the WorldBitBank platform has introduced its own cryptocurrency - the Wibcoin token. With its help it is convenient to make currency exchange and other transactions with cryptocurrencies.
Token Wibcoin (WBB) is created on the basis of Ethereum (ERC-20), and, therefore, like the other cryptocurrencies will participate in exchange trades. The price of one Wibcoin coin (WBB) will be 1 euro. A total of 1 million Wibcoin will be issued by the company. After a successful launch of the Pre-ICO, vibcoins will become available in various markets for cryptocurrency (Binance; Kraken; Poloniex; Bittrex, etc.). During the launch of ICO, the creators of WorldBitBank, hope for the promotion of this project on the whole planet, Hard Cap in the amount of 500 million euros, and Soft Cap in the amount of 250 million euros. The creators believe that this money will be enough to purchase 9 banks in various countries.

In my opinion, the project has great prospects, as the creators took into account the main mistakes of such projects, and all the forces were aimed at improving the quality of services provided in the modern financial market. The article provides links to which you can get acquainted with the technical documentation and all the details of the project in more detail.

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