Are you Searching for Certain contents ad you are not getting the Particular information you need? Do you find Internet Surfing boring or too stressful?
worry No more Because Behavioural Exchange is here to help you solve those issues of concern, But first of all watch this video to have an Idea of what Behavioural Exchange is

Now Lets Go into Details of the Product to further broaden your knowledge about what BEX is all about

BehaviourExchange is a blockchain- based platform that uses blockchain and big data technologies to identify online users and customize website contents to your preference. The platform enable large amount of data. It can handle millions of visits per day, easily updated to process hundreds of millions and billions of visits per day. The BehaviourExchange platform primarily works on connecting three different units namely: web visitor, websites and B2c businesses in a different unique way. Each Party exchange traffics with other websites to help expand their websites reach and visibility with cross promotion.

How will BehaviourExchange’s Execute these services?
B2C companies using BehaviourExchange services will be able to know who is visiting their web in real time, effectively engage with them and show them the right products or services. Behaviour Exchange will offer subscription packages to its business customers depending on the desired details of the customers, the number of visitors, the size of the company and the type of industry. You do the math when a million companies subscribe to this platform, it will be big and who are we for not want to become a part of this.They will create its token called BEX token to stimulate the growth of the network and they will encourage their company customers to pay using BEX token for faster transaction and with a discount.
How does it work?

Clients visit sites that utilization the BEX widget. The widget records every one of guests' visits and guest conduct in the "Big Data" exchange database, at that point the information is handled by the intelligent profile platform and the saved personal profile database.

The company installs the code on its website to start the service. As soon as a Bec cookie visitor visits your site, the service will report directly to the website, which will automatically display the content depending on the user's profile.

Token Sale and ICO

The name of the token is denoted by the symbol BEX and the users will be rewarded with BEX tokens for sharing their personal data. The Bex token sale is currently live on the platform.

Symbol: BEX

ICO period: from June 2018

Planned token price: 0.10 US $

Planned maximum limit: 21,000,000 USD

Currency of purchase: ETH, BNB (Binance Coin), USD, EUR

Tokens are sold-out to the general public are 67% of the whole token. BEX Token personal sale is continued to exit the platform. The dates for the ICO square measure nonetheless to be declared. 45% of the funds is spent on the analysis & development of the platform whereas 35% of the funds are spent on the promoting and sales. The team is full-fledged within the money service and therefore the blockchain technology.

Why It will benefit Investors like you

The offering cost of the token is just 0.1 dollars and with the request of investors it is normal that the cost of the token will increase. At that point, as an investor, you can unquestionably profit by it.

BehaviourExchange's targets are a great many organizations and B2C organizations that have extensive and demanding markets. In this way, it could most likely wind up being an awesome achievement, so investors can likewise profit by it.

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