Ubcoin —top world trading platform of crypto equipment on all top-end smartphones of the base configuration

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Ubcoin is a global market for the sale of equipment for the crypto industry. Ubcoin will use the mobile platform, because according to forecasts by 2020 the number of holders of crypto currency will grow 10 times. Ubcoin has been working since 2009, the platform has been installed more than 16 million times, and the development team team consisting of 60+ people installs their application on the current top-end smartphones! All this is aimed at a single project that will unite the whole world and regions in one application. Intellectual contracts in an extensive ecosystem will make it possible to: safety, multiply the speed of work, and also connect the B2B platform with other projects using the connection API. dvanced AI algorithm will automatically detect fraud, as well as bad sellers, thanks to the modern KYC / AML system, which will allow you to check vendors on all continents of the world. Thanks to spending 40% of the revenue on the marketing platform will receive a wide distribution. Such wide distribution is due to the integration of the application into 45% of current smartphones. The team plans to conclude an agreement with local phone manufacturers within 2 years after the introduction into a new country. All this shows that the fund will include the following progressive advantages:

Modern, progressive ecosystem will provide unprecedented competitive advantage.

The concept is based on a fair system of P2P transactions that unites sellers with customers bypassing a third party.

What will the essence of the project’s technology consist in?

The structure of the platform, as well as the architecture scheme. The system is based on the traditional system ERC20 which will interact with the prices on the platform by stabilizing them, as will the system of interaction for the most reliable and truthful data. Users will be able to place ads on premium and regular content. The main level 2 will be deprived of the third party’s influence and fully regulated by the artificial intelligence, which will completely eliminate all errors. Authorization service Ubcoin — id is responsible for control over bots, and also checks the added information on the platform. The intellectual system provides full control over the transaction and the permission to even assign its time, if at the moment one of the parties can not confirm the operation.


Authorization and security

The system of two factorings will interact with tlegram introducing its completely new system of cryptographic encryption, which completely eliminates the bot accounts and also the non-availability of hacking.


Also, an additional advantage is the ready-made Ubank app platform solution:

Ubank app include the following:

Storefront Section: display a product with a progressive AI system that will ensure the highest level of service.

Seller Account Management Section: provides advertising, as well as interaction assortment of sellers, as well as the management screens of the assortment.

Buyer Account Management Section: it is intended for interaction of an informative part for the notification about an asset collusion.

The project team has traveled a long way and will provide all the accumulated experience:

Achievements of the development team

The project team has unprecedented experience and has connections with world companies, as most developers work in them. The following 4key factors will show how experienced the team is.

Created one of the best 3D navigation applications Navifon, before the concept was implemented by Google and Yandex.

Created uTalk — the first aggregator of social networking sites, which unites projects: Google Talk, Facebook Chat, ICQ, Skype and many other networks. The application is installed more than 22 million Samsung smartphones, LG and Fly Mobile.

Since the appearance of the cryptocurrency, the project team has begun to integrate Ubank into the most advanced companies manufacturing smartphones.

Cooperation with strategic partners: Samsung, Fly, Runa Capital.

My mark

The project deserves the highest marks, as it will unite the whole world on one platformo. The project can compete in visits to facebook or twitter. More than 50 developers certainly will not fail, and the team of advisors with 15 years of experience will necessarily invest it at all stages.

Token sale will end on July 14, 2018

Team & Advisor

50+ people

Road map to be completed 2020–2022

Official Web Page https://ubcoin.io
• White Paper https://ubcoin.io/locals
• Facebook https://facebook.com/Ubcoin-838741126308809/
• Twitter https://twitter.com/ubcoin
• Telegram https://t.me/ubcoinmarket

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