Deep Aero - one of the most important projects of 2018, which will create a new world in civil and technical autonomous flights

Hello, today we are reviewing the remarkable DEEP AERO project. Which will create an ecosystem of civil air flights with the help of various drones, in large cities, literally over the roofs of high-rise buildings, thus creating a completely new level of passenger transportation, in which there will be no mistakes. The system will work with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain. At the current moment, it is necessary to introduce drones into all spheres of life, since man has at the moment reached maximum efficiency on the earth's surface, it is necessary to expand the capabilities of the person in terms of movement and transportation of goods.

What are the requirements for the highest quality standards shows the project?

Completely finished model of drones, in which all the most advanced solutions are introduced into the digging and technical stuffing, the drones will be able to: build an autonomous air level unobstructed in which they will not interfere with other types of aviation, since the sensors will be tuned only for drones and work according to the algorithm Prof of Locate, allowing you to loot drones in 3D space. This technology will also introduce full invulnerability of drones for hacker.

Subtletty is a ready-made trading platform that will unite the magics of technical and passenger drones for every taste, intended for large megacities, as well as for industry.

Completely universal DEEP AERO UTM aplication soft, for passenger and technical drones of any size in one place.

What are the advantages of the project, and why will it become popular?  

The project is created by a team in the Arab Emirates, and as you know it's the capital of skyscrapers. In the future, all the major cities will stand a lot of skyscrapers, and it will be necessary to look for new ways of interrelation between them. A lot of the largest partners integrate the project's technologies into themselves.

My mark

The project will become the most important in the Arab Emirates and possibly throughout the world, high rating and financing by large companies show that it will immediately receive the highest profit. A lot of people believe in him.

Road map finish Q1 2019

Team & Advisor 

29 people

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