GLOBAL REIT — best in-house platform for real estate, which will help create additional passive income

Hello, today, we will analyze the remarkable GlobalReit project, which aims to help people invest in real estate in foreign countries by lowering taxes, as well as transferring documentation to the digital base of blockhain. Blockhain will make a transparent transfer of documents as well as payments. The project team has a huge experience and therefore their platform is also designed for large investors. The platform will also be able to increase portfolio performance for institutional funds and investors by giving them a 90% divisive return on profits after investment. In 2 words, REIT is a platform for diversifying a long-term investment portfolio.

How ecosystem components will interact on the platform?

The platform will consist of 4 modules:

●Asset management module.

●Compliance and safety module.

●Transaction module.

●The module for the calculation of bonuses and devdents.

All new customers will pass the identification of KYC, the investor the same way. The system will protect all new security methods, as well as work on the very same APIs by linking all network modules 27/7 to a single blockbain database. Intellectual contract will link together: *Investor, *brokers, *GlobalREIT Fund Management Company. The project has been actively developing since 2010 in different countries, there are already open sets of phials. In the future, the project team will cooperate with the rest of the industry, creating a completely new eco-asset in the service sector.

The ERC20 Ethereum protocol provides full transparency, as well as trust between performing multiple performance.

How is the project better than a series of real estate solutions that take user’s money from taxes?

In contrast to the traditional solutions, the GlobalReit platform will provide a full-fledged base in which anyone can create their investment, long-term business and receive an additional fee in the form of deviants, as well as additional profit when purchasing real estate for renting for people living. The advantage of blockhain in this sphere will give a huge result, because now you can not spend money on advertising and the users themselves will look for housing. Blockhain will connect the project with large platforms through the APIs and thus the advertising costs will be almost zero. An additional advantage is also that you will create your own Internet with the corresponding domains, where competition will be completely absent.

Why is the project one of the most successful than justified?

The project takes its beginning in Dubai, it says that the most top real estate companies in the world have already concluded agreements with the company. Also I want to note that tokens buet 2 — one for money transfers REIT (GRET), and another for menentzhers and business REIT (GREM). This means that each subscriber will get share in the Fund Management Company (GREM) returns and the Asset Owning Company (GRET). For 5 years, investments in portfolios of foreign countries will amount to more than $ 5 billion, this is a very good indicator. In the future, when carrying out an IPO, the project will also grow from the very first days if everything follows the plan. An additional advantage of transparent and annual quarterly reports Q10, K10 will make even more confidence in the project. In order to stabilize the rate when taking assets to buy tokens in the crypto currency, they will temporarily be transferred to USD and USDT.

What bonuses and benefits do holders of tokens receive after the ICO?

The role of the database for storing information will be taken up by the progressive development of (AUM) Global REIT, which will calculate mathematically how many bonuses the owner of tokens deserve. For those who have 5000 REIT (GRET) & REIT (GREM) tokens on their wallet, discounts, bonuses, etc. will be offered for further cooperation with the company. And for professional participants who have over 100,000, the platform will provide its own real estate domain, for top positions in the search engine platform to create a liquid arbitrage traffic to the platform from other subnets of blockhain in different countries.

What dividends will holders of REIT (GRET) & REIT (GREM) have?

The system is designed for large investors, therefore the project will constantly develop.

Dividend to Investors on GREM Tokens 2% — 1.25% of AUM

Dividend to Investors on GRET Tokens = 8% ROI on 1st AUM

My mark

The project will be the top one, for the reason that it will take its start in Dubai and will be financed by the best professional staff. The number of phials has been developing since 2010 in various parts of the Earth. Top-quality partners supported the project. I give the project the highest score.

Token sale finish 30 June 2018

Total number of GREM 79,285,714

Total number of GRET 58,350,000

GREM price = 0,070 usd

GRET price = 1.000 usd

Team & Advisor

9 people

The road map will be completed in December 2018

Official Web Page

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