Hexcash — the best solution for long-term deposits, bringing up to 22% a week from investments

Hello  dear readers, today we will analyze the remarkable hexcash project,  which will change your approach to investments. As you already know the  unprepared user it is very difficult to select the most liquid and  projected crypto currency currency trading pairs, this task will try to  solve the progressive fund, providing a sustainable return from  insignificant risk of loss of the principal amount of the invested  funds. Applying the most advanced algorithms of HEXCASH will ensure  stable, understandable and most importantly a high percentage of  profitable trades. A unified platform will be created that will select  the most liquid desks aimed at making money for large enterprises and  ordinary users. When trading stocks and securities, identify the main  indices that help understand the direction of the market, as well as  volatility. All this needs to be done for the crypto currency, so that  the investor knows in advance whether the movement was in separate  sectors, or not. The HODL remuneration system will program the  investor’s portfolio for profit and will pay the resulting result of  profitable transactions to the investor’s purse. A limited number of  tokens of $ 40 million will help the project grow strongly. By  entrusting decentralization, users can stop worrying about their assets,  because they can not be stolen from the database. The project will work  on the algorithm ETH 20 Ethereum.

What  is the advantage of showing the project of peders by competitors in the  degree of transaction security and customer accounts?

Improved  algorithm 2FA, with the latest innovations, right up to the binding of  the computer serial number will reliably protect the user’s heart, even  when trying to hack into an account. To exploit the user’s account, even  exploits will not help. In general, the project will show a completely  new level in terms of protection, and you can trust your assets for a  long time.

What is the essence of the project to stabilize the course?

The  project will be stabilized by a modern robotic algorithm that will scan  the current exchange rate of currency pairs and earn additional profit  on arbitrage. Everything will be scanned in a real place, and if the  transaction does not meet the requirements, it will not be executed. The  maximum payout is to fluctuate within 12% of Weekly Reward, if the user  has more than 100,000 HEX tokens on the balance. Also, the more users  the tokens hold, the more it will count the scummy HEXHODL BONUS: 3%  Bonus After 4th Week Additional; 5% Bonus After 8th Week Additional; 7%  Bonus After 12th Week Additional; 10% Bonus After Completion Of 21st  Week.

Why do you insist on buying this token?

To  date, many projects offer contributions to mining, devidual income, as  well as investing in ICO, but as you know, such options are really  idiotic. The project strives to make a truly working solution, in which  there will always be a stable profit with transparent transactions.

My mark

I  really liked the project, because it provides a ready-made, automated  solution that can passively bring up to 21% of the invested amount, I  have not yet seen such percentages. If there will be free money, I will  be here to introduce myself when the road map is over. Of course I want  more, but as you understand, if you invest from 7–10 thousand dollars,  then 70–90% per month will be the ideal solution.

Token sale will the end June 10, 2018

1 HEX = 1 USD

Total token 33.000.000

Road map will the end Sep 2018

Official Web Page https://www.hexcash.com/
 • White Paper https://www.hexcash.com/whitepaper.pdf
 • Twitter https://twitter.com/hexcashofficial
 • Telegram https://t.me/hexcash


Author: novikov433
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1043836

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