Usechain — completely new development that provides maximum anonymous interaction of user data between various API systems, creating an initial and final smart contract


Hello, today I want to tell you about the top-project Usechain, which will be on a completely new algorithm Zero -knowledge Proof, which is designed for multi-level identification of user data, thereby allowing users to integrate user data from the entire network in one place in order to maximize Secure all user data by creating separate blocks for different transactions in a single data store. All this becomes possible due to the newest algorithm of mirror identification. The project even now surpasses EOS in its capabilities, because it incorporates the latest algorithms: Identity Virtual Machine (IVM), Identity Network Sharding (INS), Identity Transaction Sharding (ITS), in 2 words it’s all new multi-level generation of blockhain 3.0. In order to realize the idea, the project team sees cooperation with advanced projects creating a single database in which all information about users will be instantly received on one platform.


The global nature of the platform lies in the fact that it will be built into the most modern gadgets: smartcams, smartphones, and all the celestial gadgets. Also, the main application of the platform is to link the most important everyday solutions for the business, including lending, insurance, banking services, media, social menagemant, etc.

What newest modules does the platform include, and where will they be installed, and also what is the mirror identification algorithm?


The Identity Virtual Machine (IVM) and Team Identity Network Sharding (INS) modules are designed to connect all transactions to one location on the network, all of which will significantly speed up the process of processing transactions and reduce power consumption throughout the network. The system will provide unlimited possibilities and will be able to transfer the capabilities of the system to a whole new level. Many Dapp applications are combined in one place and each developer can improve the quality of their application within a decentralized network, using new encryption protocols, as well as a new algorithm for user authentication. The platform provides an infrastructure that supports decentralized applications that are used in different industries, and at the same time offers a distinction between authentication and authentication of transaction evidence. The essence of the mirror identification algorithm will introduce an entirely new system in which anonymous user activity data within the applications will be under reliable protection, but operations with smart contracts will be seen by everyone.

What is the advantage of the system, and what is the essence of blockhain 3.0?

Completely new algorithms will connect users with each other, repeatedly increasing the speed of transactions, as well as the protection level. In order to deliver information about smart contracts, you do not need to transfer information directly, the system will choose the most current route through the multi-layer levels of other applications and user data in a variety of plug-in framework add-ons from different applications. A lot of nodes will exchange information on a completely new level using the new RPOW algorithm, flowing information from different sources, as well as different types. After the end of the project, the beneficial mining of the RPOW algorithm price will grow very much, this is your chance to change your fortune by buying, or by mining the UST tokens.


Blockhain 3.0 allows you to connect not only other platforms and applications, as well as partner personal data, and now there is absolutely no need to search for information on different platforms, everything can now be done in one place. The advantage of new technologies is also that the processing speed and the datalessness of the data structure in mobile applications on different operating systems are the same.

My mark

The project is guaranteed to unite all the spheres where high transaction speed is required, as well as an anonymous, modular system when transferring transactions from different locations. I put the project on the highest score, because it can quite make x 1000’s 50000 with investments after the completion of the road map. The best team, the best partners and advisor will make the project one of the most top-notch, because the project is also aimed at the sphere of current decisions of other projects in the stock market.

Token sale will the end 16.06.2018

Period of sale of the tokens: 05/06/2018–06/16/2018
Accepted currency: BTC & ETH
All token : 20000000000

Team & Advisor

16 people

Road map will the end 2019

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