Ethershift in unarguably the easiest, fastest and most secure Token Exchange service available

Ethershift is an astounding service that enables its clients to trade effectively and rapidly between several ERC20 tokens that are available at the market rate, without facing the issue of joining at a trade or learning step by step instructions to utilize a decentralized trade like IDEX. Decentralized trades like IDEX are astounding, anyway a considerable measure of normal digital money financial specialists feel like they are excessively convoluted, and accordingly, a ton of extraordinary activities never get the presentation they merit. Ethershift is making the way toward gaining the best and up and coming tokens simpler than any time in recent memory. Ethershift has no records, gathers 0 client information, and does not do KYC.

How does Ethershift work?
Here's the manner by which Ethershift works: To trade tokens, clients send an incentive to an extraordinary location (which demonstrates the sort of token they might want to get back) also, the traded esteem will be sent back to them at the location they sent the first tokens from. This client encounter is actualized by satisfying the trade utilizing hot wallets, and after that later reflecting the exchange (at an ideally proportionate rate) on a trade, and occasionally re-adjusting the trade/hot wallets. Ethershift takes a cut of benefit (half of it as the info token, half of it as the yield token) to represent the danger of the trade rate evolving. Outsiders can incorporate Ethershift into their own frameworks and get a half cut of the benefit by means of the Ethershift API. The application is written in Node JS and is running on Amazon EC2. In other to get to the Ethereum arrange, a full hub is introduced on the server, and the back-end benefit speaks with it through it's JSON- RPC API. The administration utilizes a SQL database to monitor benefits.

Advantages of Ethershift
The administration will give the accompanying API to the front-end site:

  1. ListSupporrtedERC20Tokens(): Returns a rundown of upheld ERC20 tokens and "ETH."
  2. Get New Conversion Address(token_name, profit_share, profit_address): Creates another Ethereum address for changing over an incentive into the token with name token_name. A profit_share (esteem somewhere in the range of 0 and 1) part of the benefits created by this location will be put aside to be sent to profit_address once the esteem crosses some edge.
  3. Get Third Party Profit Balance (address): Returns the unsent benefit sharing equalization earned by the location.
  4. Get Hot Wallet Balances (): Returns the current hot wallet adjusts for each token.
  5. Get Exchange Balances (): The balance for each token is returned at each exchange.

The configuration options offered by the service will include the following.
• Hardware Wallet: A location where benefits are sent once they outperform a limit.
• Profit Send Thresholds [ERC20 or "ETH"]: A limit an incentive for each upheld ERC20 token (and "ETH").
• Profit Cut: An incentive somewhere in the range of 0 and 1 determining the division to be spared as a benefit.
• Third Party Profit Cut: An incentive somewhere in the range of 0 and 1 determining how much of the general benefit gets sent to outsiders (with the rest of going to Ethershift).
• Third Party Profit Send Threshold [ERC20 or "ETH"]: A limit for each ERC20 token and ETH. Outsiders' benefits get conveyed once they cross these limits.
• Ideal Hot Wallet Amount [ERC20 or "ETH"]: A perfect measure of each token to keep in the hot wallet and trade wallets. The framework will keep the real sums among half and 1.5x the perfect esteem. The framework will be seeded with this measure of every token once for the hot wallet, and again for each trade. In this way, to help N2 trades, the framework needs N times the perfect measures of each

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