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Hello! Today I will tell you about EthicHub. Forward!

Ethic Hub is an investment platform that universalizes access to highly profitable positive impact projects, by directly connecting investors to projects rated by risk level. Evaluation is carried out by people in contact with borrowers, profiting only from on-time loan payments.


At the same time, Ethic Hub is a global crowdlending platform that enables access to groups of small producers from developing countries to lower rate loans than the ones now available to them, benefiting both parties from this exchange.
Regulatory barriers have so far hindered the development of transnational crowdlending platforms; a decentralized system (DAO) operated through cryptocurrency, will facilitate global transactions between investors and borrowers.

Crowdlending platforms grow over 100% annually thanks to their disintermediation of financial sector, directly connecting savers and borrowers. Blockchain allows for a new level of crowdlending development, improving its security and transparency, thus enabling transactions between strangers.


Only positive impact projects.

  • Only productive projects are financed because they generate value (opposite to credit for consume that generates debt).

  • Lack of credit for harvesting has a negative impact on food production. On initial stage team will focus on this target.

Direct P2P economic interaction between investors and borrowers.

  • Financial intermediation is eliminated through Blockchain developed SmartContracts, allowing for faster, more efficient and safer payments. This operating cost reduction enables an increasing profit margin, benefiting mainly borrowers and investors.
  • SmartContracts with automatically regulated timelocks (defined time span to gather total loan amount), P2P transferences between borrower and crowdfunders (multiple investors), payment times and loan rates for the borrower as well as distribution of profits for investors, Local Nodes and Ethic Hub. Money is directly transferred without involving a third party, not even LendingDev.




Team are pioneers in this new global economy concept because they are convinced it has evolved from being an element of the approximate future to be present today.


None of this would be possible without the recent development of Blockchain technology:

Cryptocurrencies are already globally accepted as reliable means of value transferring. They can be transferred without intermediaries, from anywhere on the planet between people with a Wallet, without borders, safely, at a low cost. In addition, thanks to SmartContracts based on Ethereum's Blockchain network, these transfers are subject to prior compliance of conditions established and approved by the participants.

Crowdlending platforms grow over 100% annually thanks to directly connect investors and borrowers without financial intermediation. Blockchain allows a new level for crowdlending development by improving security and transparency, facilitating international transactions between strangers. Digital natives now form the majority of the population of developed countries, and their familiarity with online transactions shapes what we define as a matured investing market, fully prepared for this technology which will revolutionize the way we perceive trade. I want to wish good luck and success to the team of this project.

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