Excalibur OS

Excalibur OS
This system moves on software to deliver commands to hardware, both communicate with each other according to the wishes of the user, when the software communicates with the hardware it will produce movement in giving way to other programs. This OS will be needed in various sophisticated tools such as your computer or smartphone, when your computer or smartphone runs the boot process, this revolutionary OS will automatically run to detect a virus that will attack your computer or smartphone. Every sophisticated tool has a very good operating system, if there is no operating system then the hardware will not work even if it can't be used.
There are several OS that have different levels of difference but have the same function, namely the ability to handle commands performed by users, the OS also has its own level of convenience such as displaying a graphical user interface and GUI.
As I explained above, the OS is the main way for users to send commands to hardware devices and the hardware will display what the OS has ordered for users.
We will never be able to install Windows or Linux on hardware devices like Apple because Apple has its own OS called X OS and vice versa. Thus hardware is the main center in order to display the wishes of its users, the hardware will also feel slow to display commands because the operating system is attacked by a virus.
Excalibur OS has produced a very significant overhaul, but this overhaul occurs in small problems, consisting of hundreds of small problems that have been developed by Excalibur OS, the overhaul of big problems is far less compared to small reshapes such as
• Less waiting
• Click fewer
• Connect to the device
• Save power consumption
• Lack of complexity

If your PC runs Excalibur OS then you will get ease in carrying out daily tasks, Excalibur OS will also provide simplicity in use and be more comfortable and very safe. In carrying out daily tasks, you will also be very quick to reach the task you are aiming for. Excalibur OS provides a neat, clean design and provides a very minimalist interface.
Excalibur OS will also be able to save files that are often used, if you need files that you use often then you just attach your finger to your PC keyboard.
The search feature is embedded in Excalibur OS which will make it easy to find the information you want in a very fast way.
OS differences that occur at this time will also produce differences in each application that you need in a different OS. But Excalibur OS has made it easier to run different OS applications, all applications that have os differences will still run in the same place. Armed with the Internet Excalibur, it will be very easy to explore the internet world.
To overcome so that all users can work quickly, Excalibur OS designs the acceleration feature when the computer is booting or the router will be turned off. So users will be very comfortable and do not have to wait for a very long computer boot process.

World's First Mining Management System.
You can use your PC and Smarthpone to mine coins directly from the device you have. This is the world's first mining management using a PC or smartphone.

No Virus Can Attack.
All viruses that will attack a PC or smartphone will be killed when your PC or Smartphone runs the boot process. security can have 100% value for maintaining files or the health of hardware and software.

UI based on Material Design
There are many conveniences that you will find, the team has also designed a UI based on material design and LITE design. This design will show many menus on the side bar that the team will provide for the convenience of the users

Advantages for Short Token Holders and Business Models

Do you have a licensed OS?
It's time for you to use it by using this project, only the licensed OS can run this project and you will get a very simple, easy to use and safe interface. All projects provided will not be modified for any reason but the user can modify it by requesting permission from related institutions such as companies. The benefits that all token holders will get are that they will get free of charge when running a licensed operating system.

Excalibur OS sales will be applied to companies that have a field of movement in the internet world such as websites, for example, this Excalibur OS will also be needed at various very large e-commercare platform providers such as Amazon, the E-commercare website.

You will get a discount if you buy with coins from the Excalibur OS company. Excalibur coin OS will use the XOS name to make it easy for everyone to buy or sell XOS tokens. You can also trade using XOS because this coin is the first coin made by the developer of Excalibur OS.

Website : https://excaliburos.com/
Whitepaper : http://excaliburos.com/whitepaper/Excalibur-OS-whitepaperv1.1.pdf
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032767
Telegram : https://t.me/excaliburico
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OsExcalibur


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