About harm of the centralized exchanges. Review of the Deex exchange


What is the tool on destruction of the market of cryptocurrencies? Oddly enough will sound but the main tool is the centralized exchanges. Vitalik Buterin's words that he wishes to the centralized exchanges to burn in hell are not accidental because centralization is the main way for bankers to remain always with a feeding trough and to continue to manipulate the market of cryptocurrencies for own profit. Recently SEC Securities and Exchange Commission brought charge to Zachariah Kobern to the founder of the decentralized EtherDelta exchange. The formulation of charge was following "For provision of services on exchange of securities without registration". In this specific case, officials from SEC suddenly decided that all tokens of the Erc-20 standard presented at this exchange it is securities. And there is a wish to dovavit from itself "The law is an ass".... During functioning of EtherDelta within 18 months, about three and a half million operations and transactions were carried out. Kobern did not recognize, but also did not begin to disprove these charges and already paid the sum approximately equal 400 thousand dollars as penalties and compensations.

Website - https://www.deex.exchange

It is possible to make a simple and obvious output of all incident - the decentralized exchanges are not favorable to bankers and their lobbyists from SEC at all as it is difficult to control them. Analysts believe that the precedent after which will follow a set of other judicial proceedings of this sort. Now let's consider that from themselves the centralized exchanges represent the interests of which so obviously officials from SEC protect? If to answer shortly that these exchanges differ in the maximum unreliability. All similar platforms on trade in cryptocurrency were repeatedly cracked with hackers. Moreover the exchanges were suspected and had a direct bearing on this cracking. If to speak upon that in most cases owners of these exchanges plundered the users and then with an innocent look apologized for the caused inconveniences referring to a swagger major circumstances.


Website - https://www.deex.exchange

At the moment anybody should have no doubts in the relation of any centralized platforms and their so-called honesty. In principle there is only one solution of this problem. The centralized exchanges should be completely deprived of the rights to trade in bitcoin. There should be no centralization in trade in cryptocurrencies in general. Only then we will be able to avoid similar manipulations in this market. The only correct solution is use of the decentralized platforms such as DEEX on which existence of shadow business and different secret transactions is impossible. It is excluded because on DEEX only peer-to-peer peer-to-peer trade is carried out. Peer-to-peer it the decentralized network is based on equality of all who participates in it. There are no dedicated servers and each node it peer is at the same time both a client and the server. One of primary benefits of DEEX is lack of need to trust means of users to the third parties. On DEEX you will not face a limit problem on an output of cryptocurrency or to the transaction. If you work with the DEEX exchange that private keys from a digital purse are only you therefore will always have money only under your personal control. Behind such platforms the future it is also necessary to be absolutely naive person not to understand it...

Recently I wandered about open spaces of a world web of the Internet in search of the decentralized exchanges it appeared them not and much and generally it is BitShares of the daughter RuDEX, OpenLedger
Came across couple of the exchanges on blockchain Ethereum but they me not very much that and interested but the most surprising that I came across the www.deex.com exchange
By the way I found information about this DEEX exchange here by the Voice read a post well I think everything is seriously described give as I will come on the off-website.

I come it is written as always on all projects that we are the first and advanced technologies the best not to find. Well I think I will watch video the presentation and you know that I rolled from laughter when saw this ugly face.

It is created impressions what with arrival of new technologies everyone for whom not the laziness can open the exchange or to be the founder of the whole community and to be the CEO?

But yes not to me to judge of course time there is everything changes can and it is necessary!
Now it becomes clear to me why cover one second cryptocurrency exchange

Website - https://www.deex.exchange
Telegram - https://t.me/deex_exchange
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5oYUk9QC4kbM5ZBpodOUcQ

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