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One of the most important tools for earnings is trading on stock exchanges. Every day, thousands of transactions are carried out around the world. Some people earn a fortune with just one word about selling assets. According to the latest data, 78% of all trading volumes are concentrated in 16 large trading platforms. The total capitalization of assets of world exchanges is $279 billion. That's why the developers of the Virtuse Exchange platform decided to implement blockchain technology in this huge barrel of money and bring all the available innovations to the promising market of trade exchanges.

The value of the idea of Virtuse Exchange

Perhaps, the most important and valuable thing that can bring blockchain technology in commercial exchanges is accessibility. Thanks to the blockchain, a huge number of users can use platform all over the world, of course, using the Internet connection. The platform itself proposes to enter this market through tokenization of the user's physical assets, that is, in fact to turn any property into tokens corresponding to the value of this property. Even the smallest start-up capital can lead to greater revenue thanks to the Virtuse Exchange.
In addition to the availability, blockchain technology allows to abolish all kinds of mediation and destroy the very concept of a commission for conducting a transaction. Instead, users will pay only the most necessary tax — on the carrying out of the transaction itself. Also, thanks to decentralization, the system will be much less vulnerable to attacks by hackers and intruders, and user data will be safely stored on blockchain.
The principle of the platform allows you to work in it even the most inexperienced users who have a physical asset. Unlike modern centralized exchanges, the Virtus Exchange will be able to provide equal opportunities for all who want to trade within the platform.

The main innovations of the platform

Protection of modern centralized exchanges leaves much to be desired. No matter how hard the programmers who develop protection against hacker attacks work - they can’t change the centralization. Any protection of centralized data sooner or later reveals its vulnerability, and therefore we will periodically hear reports of another hacking of some trading exchange. The users of the Virtuse Exchange will be reliably protected with the help of blockchain technologies, as well as experienced platform employees who have many years of experience in this field.

It is also known that almost all cryptocurrency exchanges have the problem of the liquidity of cryptocurrencies in circulation. The Virtuse Exchange solves this problem with the help of various services for tokenizing various property capital. For example, for gold, the platform uses a separate token, which provides its liquidity with real gold. The same happens with the rest of the world's major assets. For narrowly focused physical values, universal markers are used.
Platform developers plan to provide multilanguage, so that as many users can interact with the platform and trade within the Virtuse Exchange ecosystem. Multilingual support, unlike conventional physical exchanges, is achieved more easily by machine learning of the system and introducing a database of languages.

The Virtuse Exchange tools

Correct work of the platform is provided by several unique tools that give special opportunities to the participants of the system. They include:
Special tokens for earnings on the difference in the prediction of the rate by users of the system. The module is called Digital Asset Collateralized Token (abbreviated as DACT). The principle of the work of the token is simple: if one participant predicts the growth of a particular cryptocurrency and the other vice versa a fall, then the one who guessed the dynamics of the change receives a reward in the form of the difference that he guessed.
The second type of token is called the Digital Asset Fund (abbreviated as DAF). This module is focused on specialized and professional analysis of the dynamics of exchange rate changes, which is converted into statistical modules containing from two to several cryptocurrencies. Based on this statistics, users can trade, however, to gain access, you must donate a certain number of platform tokens.


The Virtuse Group company was founded in 2006, but the work with blockchain technology began only in early 2018. From that moment the development of the business model of the platform began, and in March 2018 the development of the Virtuse Exchange platform itself was launched. After that, the developers published the project Whitepaper, and in August 2018, the date of the public sale of platform tokens was announced. At the moment (September 2018), the platform has launched a beta version of its decentralized exchange, and is holding an ICO within which it is planned to issue 1 billion tokens.
October is marked by the first launch of beta-versions of specialized tools DACT and DAPP. The end of the pre-sale of the tokens is scheduled for November. In the same month, the DACT module will be released.
After that, in December 2018, the allocation of tokens will begin:
40% of tokens will be allocated between TGE participants
25% of tokens will be reserved to ensure liquidity of assets
20% of tokens will be allocated between the platform team
10% of tokens will be allocated between community members
5% of tokens will be allocated between platform advisers
In the first quarter of 2019 the DAF module will be announced and launched, and in the second quarter the DACT markers will transfer to the target platform participants.
In the third quarter of 2019, the Virtuse Exchange platform will be fully launched. In 2020, it is planned to cover 1% of all world physical assets, and by 2022 — 5% of world assets. The Virtuse Exchange tokens will be sold at the rate of 1 ETH = 8 000 VIRT during the ICO. Hardcap is $20 million, and Softcap is $5 million.


Trying to modernize an area that exists for such a long time is a very important task that the developers of the Virtuse Exchange have taken. However, blockchain technology is able to bring the exchange trade to a new level, and this means the system will be in demand around the world.

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