With the emergence of technological processes BL blockchainchain in 2008, if Satoshi presented bitcoin, there was made hard efforts with the purpose of using the blockchain to mnogim the nuances of global business-a move, a Technique BL Blockchainchain existed depicted as well as possess the ability to transgress many of the areas with low cost of transaction, resistance and high security. In subsequent years, there were many other implementations of the blockchain, any of which contains original features adapted to certain application scenarios.

Blockchain has made possible to produce almost every asset count through the texture of the book. With the support of cryptocurrency tokens, these assets have every chance to acquire financial significance in order to stimulate and control a number of transactional actions. A number of protocols on-chain existed invented near common start-UPS and firms with the goal of forming conclusions in the basis BL blockchainchain.

On the verge of this, as all, without exception, more scientific and technological achievements identified, EXCOLONY, the latest in a concentrated market that uses an officially controlled system for harmonizing outside of the chain with the aim of processing bulky trading amount and help hard orders, arrived in the ship.


EXCOLONY is a numerical market of the latest generation of the next generation, which contains a number of features that can help buyers to trade, such as IA, SAFU, ICCO, investment transfer and Paygate Trade. Linking concentrated exchanges with transactions, security, EXCOLONY gives the rate and security in this case because the time period that a large part of the dispersed exchanges did not have a chance to do. In the event that the distributed packages are familiar with their own high degree of security, EXCOLONY will become a mixed platform with a concentrated exchange direction and dispersed exchange security.


The mission is to apply the know - how of BL blockchain in order to be people not only in Commerce, but also in other professions in the future. I trust that society will confirm us in years of experience to accomplish the mission.

new investor

EXC INVEST is intentionally invented with the purpose of you. With the support of some acts of registration You will be able to be in cryptocurrency markets, investing in possible professionals, what do you think. Our experts are very experienced and well-taught investments in cryptocurrency, so what you can trust in them, in order to acquire more income, not studying the exchange or not feeling almost no notch in General. You will be able to choose your own personal Specialist to invest in the basis of their statistics, income, grateful rates of investment situations, etc.

become an expert

Do you have a practice of working in cryptocurrency markets? Will you be able to read the plan and have excellent trading skills? You will be able to quickly increase the price of own nemereno, simply trading? Do you want the society to be aware of you more, as well as a specialist according to cryptocurrency markets? Join our cunning clerks and be alone with Excolony specialists. Use this prospect to earn more income from this possible cryptocurrency trading, allowing traders to invest in you. Podsoblyaya latest inexperienced traders to earn more income with the goal itself, thus ... for what reason b and absent?

Exc Demo

New traders and traders are able to like the ExC demo, on this basis, the fact that they have the probability to trade and feel the cryptocurrency exchange in the absence of a notch. Any demo user has a Number of EXC, and specifying the steps. This is no less, EXC in demo exchange does not contain values, and in addition income. Every month, EXCOLONY drops the mark and EXC demo traders are required to proceed with the most basics.

Vip & AI

VIP-role contains a development about the cost, service, assistance and hotels for the purpose of these who exactly acquires this kit. Switching to the AI in VIP functions, if users acquire VIP set that with the AI will have help with EXCOLONY AI. AI features the prediction of the direction of trading, risk management, stepping with customers and aligned the identification of the coin. In short, VIP kit contains all, without exception, the ability to assist users to acquire the greatest income.


EXCOLONY payment chute operates with efficient, rapid and easy method for the purpose of users. With a low or gratuitous trader's fee, this is able to help the accounts to win a short period and payment because of the transaction, in order to pay a number more fully, such as Electric trading, Casio, entertainment and other partners EXCOLONY. Undoubtedly, what payment method EXCOLONY will form an ecosystem with the aim of uniting users and companies.

Сайт — https://excolony.com/
Телеграмма — https://t.me/excolony
На YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2GJyd7wxn7sxKcrDgibKg
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/excolony
Раздрай — https://discordapp.com/invite/EPXDcF
Энн нить https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5043219.0
Реддит — https://www.reddit.com/user/excolony
Твиттер — https://twitter.com/excolonyglobal
Гитхаб — https://github.com/ExcolonyGlobal/exc-wallet/commits/master
Среднего https://medium.com/@excolonyglobal

Мой аккаунт БТТ: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1785944;sa=summary

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