The developers of ExoLover offer a technology, anonymous and secure platform for the search for the sexual relaxation. Each user can realize bold fantasies at any convenient time, with a suitable partner. Without advertising, risk, condemnation - with the help of the innovative devices that simulate the physical contact.

How Does ExoLover Platform Work and Whom it will be Useful To?
The developers of ExoLover know how important privacy is: not everyone is ready to share fantasies with a regular partner, needless to say, strangers. The blockchain helps out: the user profiles are anonymous, everyone can specify their preferences, and the search for a partner accelerates and becomes more effective.

Exolover is a collection of innovative adult novelty devices that allow users to experience sexual sensation with virtual or remote partners. Exolover users interact with others in immersive virtual sexual experiences, which do not transmit sexual sensations to other the body experiences. This device was born with the idea of exo-skeleton - ExoLover device also includes a body part and provides assistance to satisfy sex life more fully. ExoLover is able to find the people present with a current partner, when they are separated by a distance, new partners are also present, and play with their deep fantasies. ExoLover completely changed the idea of the possibility of getting satisfaction with sex. This project is designed to replace this approach rather than the most common but perhaps the biggest problem. Electronic devices have a set of hardware and software that allows programs to organize and control sexual intercourse. Decentralized platforms will simplify the enrollment process according to the principle of the anonymity

The missions of the project are,

• To give them the experience of perfect sexual intercourse
• To allow people to feel the sensation of sex without the presence of a partner
• The sexual satisfaction is completely safe and one to get a feel protected from violence in a convenient location
• To create a process for finding partners more quickly and easily
• The biggest self-realization in sexual life to enable knowledge
• People to be able to timely fulfill their sexual desires to reduce tensions

The Exolover Vision

In the last few decades, the invention of new technology has revolutionized the world around us. We brought the computer to our pockets from grocery shopping to social interaction, our daily needs are available in one click. Most new business models are tech-based and use innovation such as cloud computing, automation and artificial intelligence to do more efficiently and more effectively. But industry maniples by our continuously expanded digital world - sex toy industry, ExoLover is here to change it. Combined with the new limitations of decentralized networks, the sex toy industry will never be the same with state-of-the-art projects for developing modern sex toys. Our innovative tools alone are capable of broadcasting realistic sensations of full sexual relationships or partners around the world. Our decentralized web platform will provide an anonymous user connection that enables them to reach the peak of pleasure without real physical contact. Gender is an integral part of our life and we think about it many times a day. Most of us dream without having the help of the spouse or make sexual rest. But we are embarrassed to talk about it. ExoLover recently changed its look completely. This allows single and such people who do not have regular sex, wherever they are, to find the partners to get home and avoid stress. Also, the process becomes as realistic as possible

The Marketplace

And while many other products on the market see even more projects going on in the world of sexual technology, ExoLover connects users through peer-to-peer platform based blokchain-based social networking with an innovative device to transmit the first real sexual sensation To do The target market for exolover can be estimated that less than 50% of the customers do not use virtual sex in all the variations (cyberax, sex robot, sex phone, sex, erotic video chat etc.). Affordable equipment capable of simulating sexual intercourse will incite explosive demand. In simple words, everyone wants to try something new.

SolutionExoLover comes with some high-quality pre-installed avatars: users can also create their own avatars with individually-specified features (appearance, clothing, height, size, etc ...) allowing them to look as they are or as they imagine themselves alone, in their wildest dreams, to be.

FeaturesThe ExoLover Suite sophisticated, patented, sophisticated sex toy product, realistically mimics user-induced sexual activity with varying intensity.

Special features in the user opportunity to have sexual partnerships virtual or remote. When creating an ExoLover User profile, they are free to determine their physical appearance and personal aspect of their choosing, creating the person they are dreaming of. Each user's external connections initialize the user reward algorithm inside the EXO Intelligent Contract Platform, which allows them to be rewarded with an EXO Token, this award system called "Proof of Connect".

Token Exo1,000,000,000 EXO Tokens will be produced to perform Token Distribution Events.
700.000.000 EXO Token will be shipped in exchange for Pre-Beginning and Early Token distribution.
Minimum exchange 0.1 ETH
Soft stamp $ 500,000. Hard cap is $ 25 million
Distribution of tokens EXO 1 000 000 000
Exolover is a good ICO program.
Think business is pretty fantastic. It attracts people regularly.
We can build the ability to achieve goals.


Website: https://exolover.io/

Whitepaper: https://exolover.io/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exoloverofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IT_EXOLOVER

Telegram: https://t.me/exoloverofficial


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