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WHAT IS Experty?

It is a company whose mission is to implement applications where consumers can receive consultations through voice and video messages from experts in various fields (lawyers, doctors, accountants, IT and others)

Experts can monetize their knowledge, and consumers can get advice  directly without intermediaries and queues. Anyone who wants to order or provide advice through the Experty application will need to have a crypto currency wallet. Payments are processed through an automated system of smart contracts using their own EXY token.

However, the possible use of Experty is wider than just consulting. It can include calls from celebrities for charitable events or individual video chats.

The Experty platform consists of applications available for mobile devices, web browsers and computers. Users can also send free text messages among themselves, to discuss the conditions, if necessary.

The application is already ready (alfa reliase), as it works you can see below:

WHY USE Experty?

1.  Instant access

No need to answer calls to strangers. Experty seeks to solve this problem. With the help of Experty, any professional and expert can provide advice to another person from anywhere in the world.

2.  Instant responses

The consumer can receive a response from a qualified specialist in a short time. The cost of a minute of conversation is established by experts who have been evaluated. If the expert can not provide a decent pay, then the consumer can expect to receive reimbursement through a smart contract.

3. Instant payment

Experty allows experts to promptly receive payment for the time of the service. This happens without intermediaries. The consumer does not need to pay in advance, as payment is made during a conversation using a smart contract system.


The Experty application allows developers of blockers, and companies to monetize their time and knowledge.

  • Blockchain Influencers - some people have the power to influence the masses, establish trends and draw attention to promising projects.
  • Blockchain YouTubers - popular bloggers, such as Omar Bham of Crypt0's News, have a large audience who want to contact them directly. Due to time restrictions, contact is possible only in the comments or through online broadcasts. Omar showed interest in using Experty to plan consultations with those who want to contact him directly. Integration with our platform will allow bloggers to get an additional income stream, charging a fee for private calls.
  • Advisors - short consultations with successful businessmen can be a significant step for many companies at all levels.
  •  Developers - talented developers are hard to find, and their abilities are often required for several projects at once. Similarly, the developers themselves with the help of Experty, they will simplify their search for new projects.
  • ICO Hotlines - ICO have become very popular. Companies and associations, such as Bitcoin Suisse and the CryptoValley Association, process a huge number of requests daily. These organizations are interested in using Experty as a hotline so that people can pay for conversations with specific people within organizations.
  • Paid Premium support. There are situations when the support desk can not cope with a large number of requests. Instead of waiting, customers can pay for premium support and get a quick answer to their question.            

Experty is not a trading platform:

To increase decentralization, the company abandoned the usual method, where on one platform it is possible to search for a specialist. Instead of using centralization, the company implements a decentralized solution. Users can freely share their contact information about the possibility to contact them using Experty on discussion boards, through Linkedin profiles, their websites, Twitter, etc. Thus, consultants are not limited to one specialist search market.


This approach allows solving two huge problems:

  1. It is not necessary to identify experts who have already been checked by third-party services (social networks, etc.).
  2. Lack of potential customers due to the large number of users in existing services.                   


Company website for registration in the sale:

Hard cap:  9 000 ETH 

Accepted: ETH

otal will be released: 100 million (100 million) EXY,

of which:

◊◊ 33% of investors tokens

◊◊ 33% of companies tokens

◊◊ 30% of partners tokens

◊◊ 1% for administrative costs of selling tokens

◊◊ 3% Bounty and Airdrop

Tokens of the team will be unlocked every month by 1/36 for 3 years, thereby stimulating the team to work. Partners' tokens will be frozen for 3 years. The partners are listed below, each of them contributes to the establishment of the company and the conduct of the ICO.

The funds of the company will go to:

◊◊ Legal and administrative expenses - 5%

◊◊ Software development - 40%

◊◊ Marketing and public construction - 40%

◊◊ Long-term research group - 15%


The main technical specialists have experience working in the web consulting company ReactPoland. They have many years of experience in developing applications, as well as a deep understanding of consulting and problems arising in the interaction of the client with the customer in this area.



- MME (For crypto attorneys consultants through Experty)
- Bitcoin Suisse (KYC partner for ICO Experty)
- (For premium advice)
- QuantStamp (Audit of smart-contracts)








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