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The IronFX team recognized urgent need of creation of the adjustable exchange of high standards and strict procedures focused on service which facilitates financing both through fiat and through cryptocurrencies. The team of the IronFX company investigates a possibility of creation of good relations between bitcoin and traditional online trade.

IronFX the group investigates an opportunity to use results of work, reliable branch achievements, access for the lead financial institutions and high liquidity and also already saved up considerable group of assets including multi-standard licensing the big customer base from more than 1.2 million retail trading accounts and powerful material resources to bring unique experience and high professionalism in the crypto exchanges of the world which could help with positioning of as forthcoming the leading expert in area the crypto market at introduction it to crypto platforms for exchange is called to iron exchanges...


Exchange of iron will be created as joint venture of one of world leaders in online trading in the IronFX company of group and EmurgoHK, one of world leaders in blockchain technology, the creator of the decentralized public blockchain Cardano and extremely successful monets. Having combined efforts from the leading blockchainkompaniyey Smartologic Technologies Iron Exchange plans to create the system of exchange on the basis of licenses of the distributed accounting technology - DLT-and to provide unique quickly effective and highly protected crypto and Fiat crypto-exchange smoothly mixing it with traditional online trade via the general trade portal. At the same time it can provide advantages to holders of tokens of the exchange (IRX) in use of the Ironfx Group trading platform which offers traditional online trade on FX, CFD, stocks, goods and indexes!

IronFX recognized the scandalous need for creation of the adjustable high-level and strict procedure of exchange focused on service which facilitates financing through FIAT and CRYPTO. This exchange will be aimed at ensuring access to the mass retail market and strengthening of deep liquidity through the existing extensive database of clients freely to overcome a gap between cryptographic trade and traditional online trade.


The IronFX team constructed the bank relations with some of the highest paid, most authoritative banks in eight years of the activity, developed special knowledge in the field of creation and maintenance of access to the international financial system for the international clients. The IronFX team is constantly supported by team of experts on the strategy providing researches and the world-class analysis keeping at the same time their working capacity and knowledge of the market constantly renewed and developing. It is claimed that such relations can be widespread on a birazha of IronX Exchange but such precisely guarantee still is not present

The purpose of IronX Exchange is directed to that to create community of users and traders of the representatives of customer service supported by specialized team. All users will interact on the advanced website intended for providing specialized customer service in parallel with its regular use of the platform thereby creating optimum exchange with ease for new and experienced traders. Customer service will include a set of the functions focused on the client such as support of the hotli system and options of a chat, with multilingual support in more than 30 languages in addition to unique idle time in use and the simple trade program. Users will have the most effective platform which does not have any various failures with the maximum speed of loading of pages and prompt replies of the server to activity of the website.

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