Project financing or why we launched our own project financing platform with cryptocurrency tools


In most countries the search for project financing is challenging and many entrepreneurs did not see its success having given uptheir projects. It is even more difficult to find cheap money in developing countries. Although it might seem that developing countries open new horizons to investors but there are a number of obstructions standing in a way of anyone’s creative project. Those are literally the obstructions of all kinds, such as administrative, legal, cultural (language), finance, contradictions in Law, resistance of different establishments, third parties’ interference, lack of control over the funds invested, unreliable partners, etc. All these pitfalls lead to more expensive money, a more expensive project and obviously prevents the project from its realization.
The MARKET-PLACE creators are not new to the project business and initiated many projects ourselves. We experienced all the stages of investment search in different countries facing all sorts of problems from the very beginning till the end. Having overcome every single mistake, you inevitably start to understand how it should work to make the business attractive as well as convenient for both businessmen and investors.
The main problem of developing economies is flawed establishments and tools to attract investments into real projects and entrepreneur initiatives, the lack of trust between the parties.
The question how we can develop and improve the project financing tools is as important as ever. So is the creation of production powers, realization of new innovative ideas, infrastructural development, solving social problems and other issues that investment projects are supposed to deal with.
To sum up, there is a number of problems in project financing, which stop Real projects from being supported.
Those are:
• Legal obstructions
• Many risks for the investors, difficulty to minimize them
• No protective measures for investors
• No clear means of controlling the project money distributing
• No possibility to check the entrepreneur’s competence, the initiator of the project and their business plan
• Haphazardly organized market and lack of development in some regions
• Excessive demands of banks and other regulators, limitations, lack of deposit assets and so on.
As a result, we face high final costs of the invested money which becomes critical for every project.
Every investor and entrepreneur treats these issues differently. Nowadays, there are a lot of vacant funds in the world, whose owners are eager to invest into real projects and search for secure ways and tools. However, FOR the investor the main question is whether he or she can entrustsmb with their money? For example, banks support different project with the money of private and corporate investors, and the surplus goes directly to the bank, not the investors.
For the investors, there is no effective system of protection and support. How can they protect themselves from unreliable entrepreneurs, how can they choose a reliable partner, how can they check the way their money is used, how not to lose it in the aggressive environment of developing economy?
The market has long been feeling the necessity of the tool introducing Investors to Project Initiators without the excess of third parties in order to ensure trust between them. All market players seek simple system of Project financing which would enable people to bring brand new ideas to life. Such system has now appeared with the beginning of crypto currency economy. ICO (i.e. Initial Coin Offering) is now the most promissing tool for project financing. However, there are still some problems for investors: what to choose in crowd funding platforms, how to find a real project with conscientious partners in the chaotic information flow..
We have combined our experience and modern tendencies in the market and have created a TOOL uniting real business and cryptocurrency economy, we made it simple to use for even an amateur investor, giving him transparency, information and protection from risks of business financing. We have also given the initiators of the projects an opportunity to use that simple tool for finance attraction without any troubles.
We have created accessible international platform of financing MARKET-PLACE with the help of which entrepreneurs from all over the world can easily get financing and launch their projects, and investors from different countries can securely finance projects and get a guaranteed income. Our main task is to simplify the mechanisms of uniting cryptocurrency economy and real business, get more projects for ICO, to work out the quality analysis and distribute independent control of project financing for customers’ protection.
How does it work?
The current project of International Investment Platform MARKET-PLACE with a thoroughly checked pool of Investment projects is an innovative decision for project market ( it has no analogs) which allows to escape all the problems with project financing.
There are eight stages in the work of the Platform:

  1. _The entrepreneur contacts our PROJECT CLUB wishing to realize his business idea.

  2. Our expert team analyses businessman’s project, checks and audits the business-plan, collects extra data

  3. If the businessmeets our demands, undergoes every single check and proves its reliability we start its preparation for financing through ICO
    4._ Converting cryptocurrency into fiat money on the basis of European entity, in a reliable European bank_

  4. The funds receiving is being controlled by our ESCROW partners, with targeted tranches according to the business plan

  5. Entrepreneur manages the business, MARKET-PLACE controls expenditures and task completion

  6. All income is shared between the parties according to the initial ratio

  7. The system(monthly, once in 3 months) pays dividends to all the investors having project TOKENs, the percentage is paid onto cryptotice, with tokens of PRC.

• Can be traded at the stock exchange
• has the price at the stock exchange which is not related to the business value
• Can be used for accounts inside Eco-system
• Tokenholders buy the part of financed business with PRC Tokens
• PRC Token is used as domestic currency for exchange to fiat money
• Tokenholders get privileges and discounts

PRC tokens and project tokens are digital investment tools, which are used for accounting within the MARKET-PLACE eco-system and PROJECT CLUB. This digital asset is an investment tool for the real business, but is not an object of property, a share or a voucher.
Cryptocurrency, received from token sales is transferred onto the account of an entity in an European Bank through convertation exchange, fiat money is directly transferred to the account. Then the amount of fiat money is invested to real business through investment contract legitimate in the jurisdiction. The process of money receiving and its spending undergoes MARKET PLACE & PROJECT CLUB and ESCROW partner’s control (independent credited bank), in targeted tranches according to the audited business plan. With every tranche the initiator reports to our team in order to get the next one. After launching the business, investors share goes to an entity’s account on the conditions of the investment contract; it is converted back into cryptocurrency and goes into the cryptotice of the platform for smart-contract execution.
The risk of losing the invested money is practically 0, as the system of capital control is unique, the entrepreneurs chosen are highly professional and the managing teams are exceptional. The access to the money cannot be given to the people unable to manage it effectively. This is how we minimize the risk of losing or decreasing the profitability of the investment.
We also have advisors, independent experts in the development and operation management market of service industry, independent finance audit and cryptocurrency investment experts. Using Project Club for ICO projects will allow to attract the investors who appreciate the transparency of investment process, real projects, independent and professional audit of all the projects amd the control of finance flow: targeted funds, collection and distribution of operational income.
We welcome the Investors to MARKET PLACE & PROJECT CLUB with projects and start our collaboration. You will get bonuses and privilege at first stages of the business. Be a member of our Investors and Entrepreneurs club!

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